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Chapter 689: Hard Time Getting Out of This Troublesome Situation

As the person acting as host, Han Yaotian didnt dare slack off in the slightest.

If anything bad happened at this juncture, the Han familys remaining shreds of pride would be lost.

Old Madame Chen didnt like these kind of bustling scenes, but she had to attend this important family banquet.

After all, she was the elder and it concerned her familys reputation, so attending the banquet was equivalent to paying the organizer respect.

Usually, the ones with the most distinguished status were the latest to arrive, so Han Yaotian greeted the guests of the four distinguished families one by one first.

The Su family was the latest of the distinguished families to arrive, but the three prominent clans were still to come.

Among the young people of the Su family, there were three Young Masters and one Young Madame.

They were usually very low-key and wouldnt show up unless there was an important banquet.

Compared to the outstanding Eldest Heir and the high-profile illegitimate son, Han Yaotian, the three Young Masters of the Su family kept a much lower profile.

Among the distinguished families, another person who had attracted attention was Jiang Qilin, who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Jiang Qilin rarely showed up at these kind of functions because of his leg injury and disability, but he realized that he had to attend such a large gathering of all the important families in Jingdu.

Whenever they saw him, many people thought of the accident hed suffered a few years ago, but no one dared to mention it.

Although this oldest Young Master of the Jiang family wasnt particularly favored, he was the Eldest Heir and had the right to inherit running the family.

Who knew if he would inherit the Jiang family in the future And, then, anyone who had offended him wouldnt end up very well.

Jiang Henglin brought Yun Ziling to the banquet, and they soon attracted a lot of attention.

Most people had already heard that the oldest Young Madame of the Yun family had returned to Jingdu.

And absolutely nobody had expected that today he would bring the second Young Madame of the Yun family to the banquet.

When Old Master Jiang saw his precious grandson escorting Yun Ziling to the banquet, his whole face became darker than the bottom of a pot!

There was a lot of discussion over this.

Some guests had met the the oldest Young Madame at the Old Madames charity auction.

Now, the second Young Master of the Jiang family had brought the oldest Young Madames sister to attend this kind of family gathering.

What was this situation

Lin Yunrong watched her son arriving with the Second Young Madame of the Yun family, and the smile on her face suddenly looked awkward.

Although she didnt like the Yun family, Jiang Henglin shouldnt fraternize with the Second Young Madame.

What would others think of him, and how would they think of the two families

It was fine if the Yun family was humiliated, but their Jiang family was going to be humiliated as well.

Walking away from a group of wealthy madames, Lin Yunrong pulled Jiang Henglin aside, glared at him with a face that was obviously not happy, and lowered her voice.

“Whats the matter with you Dont you know what the occasion is today Why did you bring Yun Ziling Why didnt you ask Yun Xi”

“Mom, Yun Xi doesnt show me any respect.

I have a much better relationship with Yun Ziling.”

“Do you have any brains It was not a good idea to bring her here.

You are slapping the Jiang family in the face, dont you realize that Do you have any brains at all”

“Mom, shes just a female companion.

What difference does it make Everyone does it.”

Jiang Henglin had made up his mind to bring Yun Ziling to the banquet in order to slap Yun Xi in the face, but he didnt expect that he would be slapping himself, as well as the entire Jiang family, at the same time.

“How could it be the same It must be her fault for shamelessly seducing you, but what will others think when a younger sister seduces her future brother-in-law Its shameful in the eyes of other people.

I dont care how you usually fool around, but dont you understand the enormity of this occasion”

“Mom…” Jiang Henglin reacted with hindsight to this problem that he had overlooked.

He glanced at Yun Ziling, who was looking aggrieved, and suddenly he felt disdainful.

He yanked his hand away from hers.

Yup! He hated Yun Xi and had wanted to use Yun Ziling to slap her in the face, but this time hed slapped his own face too.

Why was he so stupid that hed overlooked this problem

Now, he would have a hard time getting out of this troublesome situation.

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