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Chapter 690: Blinding Noble Temperament

In a corner on the other side of the room, Jiang Qilin was sitting in his wheelchair looking at his brainless troublemaking brother coldly.

He curled his lips into a mocking sneer.

He had met the Oldest Young Madame of the Yun family once, when she had come to the house to pay a New Years visit to the Old Master.

She had indeed seemed a knowledgeable and sensible girl.

She was much better than the Yun familys Second Young Madame, who knew that the situation tonight would be awkward yet still came out to suffer the humiliation.

“Jing Yi, go check the list of guests to see if the Yun familys Oldest Young Madame is coming tonight.”

“Young Master” The bodyguard standing behind Jiang Qilin glanced at Jiang Henglins date, then replied respectfully, “Yes, Ill go to inquire right away.”

Just as Jing Yi was about to turn around, Jiang Qilin saw Yun Xi entering the room.

He was slightly taken aback, and many of the other guests also looked toward her.

“No need to go.

Shes already here.”

Jiang Qilin smirked as he looked at Yun Xi standing behind the daughter of the Yao family.

He was suddenly looking forward to the good show that was going to happen tonight.

Jing Yi looked at the three figures coming in the door.

He knew that the only Young Madame of the Yao family had married into the Yun family.

And he had met this Oldest Young Madame of the Yun family several times while he was working for the Jiang family.

She was a very interesting little girl.

The Old Master was very fond of her, but Jiang Henglin disliked her.

Although she was young, rumors have swirled about her curing Old Madame Chen.

Although it seemed unbelievable, Old Madame Chen was now at the banquet in vigorous health, so they had no choice but to believe it.

“Young Master, this Yun familys Oldest Young Madame is said to be very skilled in medicine, especially Chinese medicine.

From Old Madame Chens current state of health, I think you could find hope.

You should actually let her examine…”

Jing Yi was the one bodyguard whod been with him the longest.

He took care of Jiang Qilins daily life.

It could be said that the two of them were inseparable.

Some things that couldnt be spoken to outsiders could be said to one another.

Especially this taboo topic.

Speaking of this, Jiang Qilin couldnt help touching his legs under the blanket.

He also wanted to stand and walk again, but his doctor had killed the idea, telling him there was no hope.

He didnt want others to give him hope, then crush it again.

“My doctor said that there was no hope, and shes just a little girl who still hasnt reached adulthood.

Im sure I could find a Chinese medicine practitioner better than her in Jingdu.

Forget it! I dont want to be disappointed ever again.”

“How can you know if you dont try…”

Jing Yi knew that he was obstinate, so he sighed and didnt dare to continue the conversation.

After all, this was Jiang Qilins secret sore spot.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the banquet room, she noticed that many people were looking at her.

Her clear eyes swept across the group of guests, and she saw Jiang Henglin and Yun Ziling.

She also saw Han Yaotian, who noticed that she had come and very quickly approached to greet her.

Han Yaotians thoughtfulness could be said to give this special guest tremendous respect.

After all, she wasnt on the list of any one of the seven families, and even though she was the fiancee of the Jiang familys Second Young Master, she still hadnt married into the family yet.

Today, she benefited from her association with her second aunt, who was of the Yao family, and they had simply attended the banquet together.

In terms of this social circle, she was really at the bottom of the hierarchy.

“Yun Xi…” When Han Yaotian saw her, his surprised eyes fell on her and secretly sized her up.

When this little girl was dressed up, she appeared vivacious and charming.

From her graceful appearance, he could discern a certain never-before-seen sophisticated and elegant aura characteristic of socialites, yet it was different from the aura of other heiresses.

Her aura seemed to be innate, and she didnt need to be overly embellished for her blinding noble temperament to shine through.

The other heiresses present paled in comparison to her.

“I didnt expect that you would also be a guest of honor today.


Han Yaotian glanced at the Yun familys Second Master, Yun Mingfeng, and Yao Ying, who were standing next to her, and suddenly understood how her invitation had come about.

The Yao family were the owners of the manor where the banquet was being held today.

It was customary for the venues host family to attend the banquet as well.

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