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Chapter 692: Treating Things Seriously and Treating People Responsibly

Because Jiang Qilins legs had become disabled, the Jiang familys inheritance rights had been transferred to Jiang Henglin.

It was a pity that Jiang Henglin seemed unwilling to live up to his inheritance.

He acted like a spoiled playboy.

Plus, Old Madame Jiangs doting made him even more spoiled.

Some of the Chen family relatives and relatives from the Jiang family had heard about Yun Xi; they knew that Yun Xi had cured Old Madame Chen.

So they took this opportunity to come over to talk with her.

Yun Xi sat next to the Old Madame and listened to the introductions of the diverse group of madames who had gathered around her.

There were relatives of the Jiang family and relatives of the Chen family.

At first she couldnt figure out why she was so popular.

However, after listening carefully as one of them stated her purpose for coming, she realized that they were all here for medical treatment.

She didnt know whether they were actually seeking medical advice or kissing up to the Old Madame or dying to see her make a fool of herself.

But no matter what the reason, she was happy to talk to them.

The first person who spoke to her was the Old Madames nieces aunt, who came with her daughter-in-law, and she whispered some questions to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi wasnt stupid.

Naturally, she could discern exactly what this auntie wanted.

She just wanted to know why her daughter-in-law had been married for so long but still hadnt gotten pregnant yet.

Yun Xi thought that the couple should be the ones asking this question first.

Yun Xi glanced at the embarrassed daughter-in-law, Madame Feng, and while discreetly observing her expression, she chatted with her in a semi-questioning manner.

She inadvertently took her hand and checked her pulse while chatting.

Most people didnt notice what she was doing.

However, Chen Yichen saw the movement of her hand and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Yun Xi was saying things to downplay the matter, but, in reality, she was taking the womans words to heart and was carefully checking her out.

Treating things seriously and treating people responsibly had always been her attitude toward others.

Yun Xi took her pulse, but didnt talk about her symptoms in front of so many people.

She took the opportunity to ask several questions instead.

“Do you occasionally get dizzy when you wake up in the morning, and, after you walk a few steps, you start panting…”

“Yes, yes, yes…my mother-in-law thinks Im weak and keeps making me take herbal supplements, but theyve had no effect…”

“This isnt a big problem.

I will prescribe a recipe for you later.

You should eat according to the recipe.

Dont take the supplements.

Focus on nurturing your health first.”

“Will nurturing my health alone be effective”

The auntie felt a little incredulous.

Wouldnt it be a waste of time if nurturing her health alone failed to achieve the effect She was waiting for her grandchild.

“A persons body functions have a circulatory process.

For example, if a blood vessel is blocked, it needs to be unblocked to have fresh blood flow.

Now, she needs to adjust her body well before her body can process the nourishment.

As for other remedies, dont give her anything.

I think she is a little bloated.

She probably took many tonics, right”

Upon the mention of tonics, Madame Feng bowed her head in acknowledgement, but naturally didnt dare to accuse her mother-in-law of forcing her to drink all the many tonics she had given her.

Yun Xi knew that she was right when she looked at the auntie.

She had found the right solution, but now she said some more words to scare the interfering mother-in-law.

“Some remedies arent necessarily effective.

Most medicines are toxic to a certain extent.

If you eat too much, your body will accumulate toxins, which will affect your pregnant child in the future.

Madame, you dont want future grandchildren to have health problems, right”

“Its that serious What should I do Dont scare me!”

The auntie looked at Yun Xi, and she regretted recklessly taking random advice out of desperation now that shed heard that her future grandchildren might have health problems.

“No more tonics! Ill prescribe a recipe, and I will send it to the Chen familys house afterward.”

“Okay, okay…thank you so much, little girl!”

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