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Chapter 693: Just a Scumbag to Her

Chen Yichen glanced at Madame Feng, who had been rescued by Yun Xi.

She was also an aunt of his from his cousins side.

He had noticed his other aunt, her mother-in-law, giving her prescriptions, and it had indeed seemed troublesome.

Yun Xi had dispelled these ideas with just a few words, so she had helped.

“Auntie, why dont we wait for Yun Xi to write the prescription, and I will send it to you.

You two wont have to run back and forth.”

“All right, if its not too much trouble, Yichen.”

As soon as Chen Yichen had said that, Old Madame Jiangs disapproving and provocative voice rang out from behind him, “Chen Chen, dont do any such thing.

Shes just a little girl, so how can she understand the principles of medicine and pharmacology If your cousin gets food poisoning, who will be responsible”

Hearing this voice, Yun Xi couldnt help but raise her head.

She met Old Madame Jiangs disdainful and hateful eyes.

Regardless of whether it had been in her previous life or in this life, Old Madame Jiang didnt like her.

She was helpless against this.

It all boiled down to the fact that she thought, with Yun Xis background and fate, Yun Xi wasnt worthy of her precious grandson, Jiang Henglin.

In her last life, the Old Madame had tried her best to separate them and had caused a lot of trouble as a result.

In this life, Yun Xi had visited the Old Master several times at the Jiang familys house, but the Old Madame had always been contemptuous, so Yun Xi wasnt surprised by her derision.

To Yun Xi, her precious grandson was just a scumbag.

As if she actually wanted him…

“Grandma…” Chen Yichen looked at Old Madame Jiang, who had suddenly appeared to ruin the scene, and he looked at Yun Xi a bit awkwardly.

Then he stood directly in front of Old Madame Jiang.

“…Grandmas illness, as well as my mothers and mine, have all been cured by Yun Xi.

Even if you dont believe in her, please dont slander her like this.

Even though Yun Xi is young, her medical skills are no worse than those of professional doctors.”

“If you keep speaking up for her, who knows what will happen.

This is a matter of life and death.

What if people take the wrong medicine and die”

Chen Yichen felt that, regarding this issue, he and Old Madame Jiang would never see eye to eye.

As a young man, he couldnt refute an elder to her face, but he didnt want to see Yun Xi being wronged either.

He was conflicted.

Chinese medicine was all about believing.

You either believed in it or you didnt.

For nonbelievers, no explanations worked.

Old Madame Jiang didnt believe that Yun Xi was capable of curing anyone.

Even if Old Madame Chen had been cured, it must have been just pure luck.

Why were the doctors of traditional Chinese medicine more skilled as they got older It was because this profession required the accumulation of experience and time, so what would she know as a little girl

Old Madame Chen couldnt bear to hear this, and she frowned.

“In-law, Yun Xis medical skills are very good.

When she cured my illness, even those old men in the General Hospital of the Military Region were very impressed.

If it werent for Yun Xi, Im afraid I really wouldnt be able to stand up today.”

“Its just that you were lucky.

If youd been unlucky, what would have happened”

“Grandma, dont scare people here.

Everyone is so happy to gather here today, so dont say these words to jinx things.”

“Thats right!” It was almost the New Year, and no one wanted to hear any bad news.

Several other women followed suit and repeated the same thing.

They already didnt like the Old Madame of the Jiang family that much.

She was too harsh and mean, not at all like a sophisticated blue-blood old madame should be.

It was really a joke for her, at her old age, to try to make things difficult for her future granddaughter-in-law.

Yun Xi silently watched as Old Madame Jiang shot herself in the foot.

Even if she didnt say a word, naturally someone would stand up and speak for her.

After all, the Chen family was indebted to her for several lifesaving favors, not just ordinary favors.

People who had never had any diseases wouldnt understand, and, if they truly understood, they wouldnt be so harsh toward her.

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