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Chapter 694: Courageously Digging Her Own Grave

After being reprimanded by everyone, including one of her favorite grandsons, Old Madame Jiang felt a little bit embarrassed.

Shed gotten herself into a bad situation.

However, it just so happened that she had a wonderful grandson from her daughters side.

He was so caring and filial, much better than Jiang Henglin, and she couldnt bear to scold him.

The liveliness from Old Madame Chens environs attracted the attention of many guests, including Han Qin, who as a member of the hosts family, had come late.

After changing her clothes several times, shed rushed to the manor with satisfaction.

She wasnt interested in any other familys children, nor did she want to kiss up to the socialites, let alone endure their provocative gazes.

After all, she was already 26.

At this age, she was already practically an old maid among the 22- and 21-year-olds.

She couldnt bear standing with them.

However, as soon as Han Qin arrived, she saw Yun Xi sitting next to Old Madame Chen, and Han Qins entire face suddenly became very ugly.

The humiliation that shed suffered at the Seven Stars Hotel the last time shed seen Yun XI was still vivid in her memory.

Yun Xi had made her lose face in front of so many people, and had even almost disfigured her face.

After shed gone home, shed received a scolding and apparently had almost angered the Young Marshal.

Even now, she found the whole situation hard to swallow.

Especially today, when she saw this poor plebeian who wasnt even on the guest list appear at such a high-end banquet, she felt really disgusted.

This was a family banquet for the seven families.

She was a member of the Yun family.

She had no status or identity.

Her being in such a place simply lowered the class of the banquet.

Who had brazenly let this plebeian in

“You guys, follow me!” Han Qin glanced at several socialites with whom she was acquainted, and then led them to a corner where she was about to hatch a plan to settle the score.

“Qin, whats the matter Whats the matter”

Ji Yajie was a distant relative of the Han family.

It had taken her several layers of connections to get an invitation for this banquet from Han Qin.

Shed also wanted to come to this banquet to try her luck.

Han Qin pointed to Yun Xi who was still sitting in the corner and snorted arrogantly.

“That little b*tch isnt on the list of guests at all.

Who let her in”

“That…” Ji Yajies facial expression changed slightly.

However, she slowed down and didnt dare move forward.

Shed come earlier than Han Qin.

Just now, the Eldest Heir and Han Yaotian had treated Yun Xi with courtesy.

Even if she wasnt on the invited list, she was still a distinguished guest.

From the looks of Han Qin, who obviously seemed hellbent on heading over there to settle some score, she was going to offend her.

“She seems to be the Eldest Heirs guest, we cant afford to offend…”

“Guest Are you kidding me” Han Qin sneered.

“Shes just a plebeian.

I dont know how she got in.

This years banquet is hosted by our Han family.

If there is a conspiracy at the banquet, who will be responsible”

Regardless of Ji Yajies dissuasion, Han Qin shook her off and walked straight to the corner.

Ji Yajie and the other socialites were thinking of stepping forward, but Su Ximan, who was just passing by at that time, tossed her skirt domineeringly and blocked the path of these women.

“Before you go digging your own graves, know your places first!”

“…” Su Ximans words directly dissuaded those women from going forward to help.

The Chen and the Han families main heirs could afford to provoke Yun Xi, but they, distant relatives, couldnt afford it.

Whats more, Han Qin was still the darling of her family, and the elder child of the younger generation.

If she caused trouble, naturally someone would clean it up for her.

If they got into trouble, it wouldnt be someone else cleaning up for them, but them getting cleaned up.

Blocking these few socialites, Su Ximan watched Han Qin courageously digging her own grave, and curled her lips into a mocking sneer.

That little girl Yun Xi wasnt to be trifled with.

Couldnt people see the Chen family doted on her

Yet Han Qin still had the courage to go make trouble.

How admirable!

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