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Chapter 697: Mu Feichi Used It To Give Han Qin A Slap In The Face

Chapter 703: Mu Feichi Used It To Give Han Qin A Slap In The Face

Mu Feichis rough and straightforward actions left Han Qin feeling a little confused.

Han Qin reacted quickly; she reached out and caught the invitation that was just about to hit her in her face.

She lowered her head and looked at it.

It wasnt Yun Xis name that caught her eye, but rather the golden badge that belonged to the Mu family printed on the blue invitation card!

Tearing her eyes away from the dazzling badg,e Han Qin looked up blankly.

Her gaze couldnt help but fall on the badge on Mu Feichis coat, and the hand holding the invitation involuntarily shook!

In the banquet of the seven families, it wasnt uncommon to have invitations.

What was rare was that the emblem of the Mu family was stamped on the invitation!

An invitation card with this badge meant that the party was a guest that was specially invited by the Mu family, and this invitation card was invaluable!

When the Yao family first received the invitations, they quickly noticed the badge on the top.

The whole family was stunned.

They preserved it carefully until todays banquet.

After signing in at the front desk, they even asked for the invitation to be returned to them.

The invitation cards with the emblem of the Mu family became the glory of the Yao family.

Who wouldnt want to treasure it

Yun Xi however, didnt know this, nor did she treat the invitation card as a treasure like the Yao family did.

As such, she had left the invitation card at the front desk after verifying her identity.

However, Mu Feichi used it to give Han Qin a slap in the face.

This slap in the face must really hurt!

Yun Xi took note of Han Qins trembling appearance, then she looked at the Han family gathered around her.

They appeared ashamed and embarrassed.

Mu Feichis way of slapping Han Qins face was as domineering and unreasonable as always.

He didnt give the Han family any face.

The Young Marshals M.O.

was really beyond the understanding of ordinary people!

“The Yao family are my guests today!”

His single powerful sentence stunned everyone at the scene, including the Yao family.

There was no doubt that Young Marshal Mus words instantly affirmed the identity and status of the Yao family at the banquet today.

Now, no one would dare to suspect that the Yao family were present at the banquet because they happened to be the owners of the manor where the banquet was being held.

“Miss Han is so aggressive, so perhaps you have some objections regarding my decision!”

His stern voice clearly asked a question, but there was no trace of warmth in his deep eyes.

It made people feel a sense of oppression.

“No, thats not…”

How could she dare to have any objections!

Even now, she still couldnt wrap her head around how she had managed to offend him again.

“Young Marshal, I didnt mean that…”

Han Qin knew that she was in trouble again this time.

She anxiously looked at her big brother Han Hongbin in the crowd, for fear that if she continued speaking, the Han family would offend the Mu family completely!

Han Hongbin was a slick fox.

To remedy the situation, he walked out from the crowd.

He smiled and said to Mu Feichi, “Young Marshal, this was indeed our fault for being inhospitable.

Please dont be angry.

Ill let my little sister apologize to you.”


Its not me who she should apologize to.”

Han Qin was just thinking about how she had the opportunity to get on Mu Feichis good side, since she had the excuse to apologize.

But now Mu Feichi had disassociated himself.

She felt as if she had been slapped in the face again!

Han Qin stared at Mu Feichi for a long time.

She couldnt help but notice that he didnt even bother to look at her at all.

She felt annoyed and resentful!

Was he telling her to apologize to that plebeian How could she have the shamelessness to do that!

Han Hongbin naturally understood what Mu Feichi meant.

He stepped forward and pulled Han Qins hand.

“Hurry up and apologize to Miss Yun! Youve indeed gone overboard! Everyone here is a guest, not to mention the fact that shes a VIP guest invited by the Young Marshal himself!”

Han Hongbins words turned the attention to Yun Xi and all of a sudden, everyones eyes were looking at Yun Xi.

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