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Chapter 70: Setting a Trap for Her Mother

Just at that moment, Yun Yuanfeng happened to be coming down from upstairs.

Liang Xiuqin seized the opportunity to pull her husband to the side.

“Husband, Yun Xi is going to the Chen familys house, so why not let Ziling go along Yun Xi isnt sensible, so why dont we let Ziling accompany her to make sure she doesnt offend the Chen family.”

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at Yun Xi.

He had no idea what scheme his wife had in mind.

If Ziling could marry the eldest son of the Chen family, and their eldest daughter could be the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family, then both the Jiang family and the Chen family would be his relatives.

With these two families standing behind him, if he wanted a brighter future, what was there to stop him from reaching the peak

“All right then, Yun Xi, why dont you let your sister go with you so that you two can cooperate”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly, then nodded with her lips slightly pursed.


Just as Yun Ziling was about to rejoice, Yun Xi innocently continued, “I havent bought a gift for the Chen family yet, but since mother said that second sister knows the etiquette of high society better than I do, the task of buying the gift should go to her.

What do you think”

First she wanted to take advantage of her, then she also wanted her to pay for them No way!

Upon hearing that she had to pay for the meeting, Yun Zilings face suddenly fell.

Her monthly allowance was so meager that it was barely enough for her to buy cosmetics and clothes.

That wretched girl Yun Xi had taken a lot of money from her dad as soon as shed come back, including the money that was meant to buy the Chen family a gift.

“Why should I be the one to pay for the gift when Im only tagging along” Yun Ziling wondered.

Since she would be going only to advise her, Yun Xi should just be grateful that she didnt ask for tuition money.

Yun Xi turned her head and gazed at her mother with a smile.

“Mom, Im well acquainted with the Chen family.

It doesnt matter whether I bring a meeting gift or not.

Im just going to visit the injured elder son.

But if second sister comes, the meaning of the visit will change.

Since shes so well-versed in the rules of society, she cant possibly show up empty-handed now, can she How embarrassing would that be for the Yun family”

Liang Xiuqins eyes shot daggers at Yun Xi.

They would have to pay even though they hadnt even benefited from anything yet.

If Yun Xi was in their shoes, she wouldnt be pleased either.

After all, Yun Yuanfeng had already given his money to Yun Xi.

How shameless of this wretched girl to not only not contribute to anything, but to also try to take advantage of them.

But as soon as she thought about how she could marry Ziling to climb up the social ladder and into the Chen family in the future, she realized they were still able to afford this meeting gift.

One couldnt make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Yun Yuanfeng also thought that Yun Xis words made sense.

Originally, hed wanted to give her money, but when he thought of how Yun Xis return had increased the familys expenditures, along with the fact that her school transfer, trustees, and gifts cost a lot of money, he was unwilling to spend more.

“Xiuqin, take the children out to buy something, then have the driver take them to the Chen familys house.

You dont need to go.”

He knew his wifes disposition well.

She had just offended Mr.

Jiang not that long ago, and he hadnt settled that matter yet.

“Understood!” Liang Xiuqin glared at Yun Xi with her teeth clenched, and as soon as she thought about how she had to spend her precious money, she felt extremely exasperated inside.

Yun Xi was in a good mood.

She turned around and headed straight out.

Her mother wanted Yun Ziling to hook up with the eldest son of the Chen family, so how could she not get involved

The driver took the three of them to the shopping mall.

Liang Xiuqin despised how Yun Xi looked and told her to stay in the car.

Yun Xi shrugged her shoulders and reminded her innocently, “Mom, do you know what Mrs.

Chen likes I stayed at the Chen familys house overnight and was with Mrs.

Chen from Muyang back to Jingdu on the train.

I have some knowledge about what she and her eldest son like.

If you buy something that you like but Mrs.

Chen dislikes, that would be a waste of money.”

Liang Xiuqins heart was already bleeding from having to invest a lot of money in this, so as soon as Yun Xi reminded her about this, she started to worry that it would be even more embarrassing if Jiang Wanyun despised what shed bought.

After weighing her options, she had no choice but to let Yun Xi get out of the car and follow her inside the shopping mall.

Yun Xi mischievously narrowed her eyes and collected her composure as she got out of the car.

This time, she was going to let her mother know that it wouldnt be so easy taking advantage of her.

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