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Chapter 701: Women Who Threw Themselves At Him Were Too Cheap

Across the crowd, Yun Xi raised her head and looked at the man on the stage not that far away from her.

He was the most eye-catching man here tonight.

From where she was standing, she could only see his side profile, but it was as angular and noble as that of a Greek god.

His gestures had the unique charm of an aristocratic prince.

The self-confidence and calmness that radiated from him revealed his innate leadership qualities and kingly demeanor.

With such a noble and lofty leader in control, it was only natural that the socialites and heiresses in the audience lusted after him!

Lusting over such a demigod, even she couldnt help but feel tempted, let alone everyone else!

If Qiao Ximins target was Mu Feichi, then Yun Xis road to revenge will become a bit troublesome.

After all, from the beginning to the end, she had never thought of involving Mu Feichi, let alone using him.

Yun Xi withdrew her gaze and looked away.

Unsurprisingly, she saw Commander Mu standing diagonally across the French window, and on the other side, she saw the Jiang familys Oldest Young Master, who was sitting in a wheelchair not too far from her.

Yun Xi realized with hindsight why Jiang Chenghuan came today alone, without Yumo.

If he had brought her, then by tomorrow, all the families in Jingdu will notice the Zhao family!

The Zhao family, which was emerging in a low-key manner, will soon become the target of other families and even become the Jiang familys weakness!

Once Yumo becomes Jiang Chenghuans weakness, even people in the Jiang family will attack her and use her to threaten Jiang Chenghuan to cede his position of power.

This seemingly tranquil banquet, with innocent dancing and amicable toasts, appeared calm on the surface, but in reality, there was a lot of scheming and calculating going on underneath.

She was both in awe of and feeling helpless toward Commander Mu.

After the last life-or-death ordeal, she really didnt want to have too much contact with the Mu family, especially with people who approached her with the ulterior motive of testing her.

No matter how much ambition and guts she had, she wouldnt be brave enough to withstand their tortures.

After Mu Feichi finished speaking, he walked down the stage with a relaxed poise.

This heralded the official start of the banquet tonight.

Once Mu Feichi had stepped down the stage, he was surrounded by a lot of people, many wanting to beat the crowd and talk to him.

But his position was too lofty, so no one dared to act rashly, let alone rush forward without restraint.

The Han family, however, had a good excuse right now.

They squeezed past the crowd, dragging Han Qin with them, toward Mu Feichis sight in the guise of apologizing.

When the heiresses all around Mu Feichi saw Han Qin walking over, they became jealous and envious!

Although Han Qin had been slapped in the face by the Young Marshal earlier, she had a powerful family backing her.

Even if not for her sake, the Young Marshal would let bygones be bygones for the sake of the Han family.

Yun Xi shifted her gaze away and then turned to the corner to look at Qiao Ximin.

She looked expectant but didnt dare to rush forward.

Yun Xis eyes fell on the middle-aged man standing beside Qiao Ximin.

She knew this man.

He was a distant relative of the Su family and was Su Ximans uncle once removed.

He was the Qiao familys Madams younger brother and thus Qiao Ximins uncle.

After entering this banquet with such distant and complicated connections, it was impossible for Qiao Ximin to return without getting something today.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, who was now surrounded by the Han family, and then sighed slightly.

It seems that at the annual Weiya banquet, Mu Feichi, as a power-holder and a military marshal, was a gem in their eyes!

With so many women staring at this gem, there might not be enough of him to go around!

No wonder this guy had such high standards and didnt pay attention to any woman.

Probably in his eyes, women who threw themselves at him were too cheap!

Unwilling to give up, some of the heiresses focused solely on Mu Feichi, while others took the opportunity to shift their target to the two other leaders of the prominent clans, who had also come to the banquet alone.

After getting rejected, some people inexplicably vented their anger on Yun Xi, an innocent person who was called a “VIP guest” by the Young Marshal.

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