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Chapter 707: Blessed by God

In order to prevent the people in the banquet room from seeing them coming and going together, Yun Xi asked Mu Feichi to go into the banquet room first, as she crossed discreetly to a room on the other side of the corridor.

However, she had only taken a few steps when she saw that Yun Chuhan had stopped Mu Feichi.

This kind of accidental encounter really wasnt very clever.

Yun Xi turned around and hid behind a potted plant to watch what was going on.

Even if Mu Feichi hadnt known who the little girl who had stopped him was, he wouldnt have taken her seriously.

He stopped and regarded her with cold eyes.

“Young…Young Marshal…” Yun Chuhan was so excited to meet Mu Feichi here.

Facing the idol who she had always wanted to meet, Yun Chuhan realized that she didnt have any idea what to say.

She looked at him nervously and forgot to speak.

“Go away!” Mu Feichi said coldly.

His haughty expression and sharp eyes made Yun Chuhan shudder.

He was remembering all the little tricks Yun Chuhan had used on Yun Xi.

He really had no affection for the sisters of the Yun family.

He definitely hadnt expected someone like Liang Xiuqin to raise any excellent daughters.

Yun Xi had had a strange existence.

Shed grown up in the countryside.

It could even be said that she grew up enduring Chen Lixues bitter and harsh treatments of her, and it must have been difficult for her to emerge with such a pure heart.

She had really been blessed by God.

His cold voice suddenly brought Yun Chuhan back to her senses.

Her whole body was shaking because she didnt know how to react to this man with such an imposing presence who was standing in front of her.

All she could do finally was turn around and leave.

However, until Mu Feichis figure disappeared around the corner, Yun Chuhans infatuated eyes didnt leave him.

Yun Xi didnt want to disturb Yun Chuhan, so she simply turned around and walked toward the banquet room.

Then she saw Han Qin arriving from a distance.

Probably because Mu Feichi had disappeared for a while and she couldnt find him, shed decided to go look for him.

Yun Xi noticed Han Qins menacing appearance.

She really didnt want to have any kind of conflict with her.

It wouldnt be good for her to make a fuss on this kind of occasion.

Mu Feichi definitely wouldnt sit back and watch, but, once he intervened, she would become everyones target.

In the storm that would ensue if Mu Feichi was seen to protect her in a venue like this, she didnt have enough power yet to counter all the jealousy and schemes of so many women.

Especially now that she saw that Han Qin was heading for her, she really didnt want to deal with this.

“Little b*tch, stop right there!”

As soon as she noticed that Yun Xi was about to leave, Han Qin called on her to stop.

Hearing the cry, she alarmed Yun Chuhan, who was standing not that far away.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Chuhan, then stopped and looked up to greet Han Qin.

Her arrogant and indifferent demeanor made the atmosphere in the corridor drop a few temperature points.

“Where is the Young Marshal Were you privately meeting with the Young Marshal Little b*tch, dont think that just because the Young Marshal is protecting you that you can social climb.

Youre from a small and insignificant family like the Yun family, so do you really think the Young Marshal would take you seriously”

Yun Xi chuckled lightly, then touched the scratches on her neck.

“If the Young Marshal is interested, its his business.

It seems that Miss Han doesnt have a long memory of what happened last time.

“The Young Marshal was just temporarily bewitched by you, little b*tch.

Dont think that he will protect you all the time and everywhere.”

Thinking of how she had almost been disfigured the last time shed attacked Yun Xi, Han Qin started fuming with rage.

Yun Xi was just a little b*tch! What was the Young Marshal thinking to actually protect her

Yun Xi shrugged.

“If I had had the ability to bewitch him, then I would have come with him today instead of using an invitation from the Yao family.

Han Qin, all the women in Jingdu know about your lust for the Young Marshal.

You said that hes out of my league, so if you have the ability, then chase after him yourself.

Why do you keep picking a fight with me What is up with you”

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