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Chapter 710: This Man Is Mine, So Nobody Should Even Think about Him

Su Ximan watched this drama unfold from the sidelines, and when she saw Jiang Henglin fleeing furiously, she couldnt help but laugh.

Him fleeing defeated was really an embarrassing situation for all men.

“You have a strange way of dealing with your fiance.”

Yun Xi turned her head when she heard these words.

She glanced at Su Ximan, who was standing behind her, then raised her glass and made a toasting gesture at her.

She sneered and said, “Likewise.”

Su Ximan chuckled.

She regarded it as a compliment.

She had no interest in the rulers of the three prominent clans.

She was only interested in Feng Yang.

She would be entirely happy if she could win him over.

“I didnt expect you to be the Young Marshals type.”

Su Ximan stepped forward and stood beside Yun Xi with her back pressed against the floor-to-ceiling glass on their side of the room.

Holding a champagne glass in her hand, Su Ximan stood upright and elegant.

Her every gesture and movement had the graceful and sophisticated air of an heiress.

Yun Xi turned and looked at her for a long time.

A dignified woman, she acted exactly as a young madame of a blue-blood family should.

Compared to her, Han Qin paled in comparison.

“I dont understand what Miss Su means.”

Yun Xi stepped forward and raised her eyes to look around at the crowd of guests.

Her eyes fell on an arrogant figure in the crowd.

Mu Feichi was surrounded by a group of people whose goal was to social climb through him.

This group of men who were decades older than he was talked to him in an obsequiously flattering manner.

Yun Xi was amused watching the scene.

They acted like a group of corrupt officials surrounding a crown prince.

If they could manage to establish a good relationship with him, their careers would be able to skyrocket.

Tonight, Han Yaotians target was Mu Feichi.

It had always been the Han familys goal to have a good relationship with the Mu family.

This night, they didnt hide their purpose at all.

Mu Feichi also was showing rare patience.

Probably because it was an annual family gathering, as the head who represented the entire Mu family, he couldnt just ignore people.

“Just now, the Young Marshal has made the Han family suffer a terrible humiliation in front of so many people.

On the surface, he was just showing respect to the Yao family, but, in reality, he was defending you.

He also took the opportunity to humiliate Han Qin along the way.”

Turning her head, Su Ximan glanced at Yun Xi with a small smile.

“When the Young Marshal gets protective, he really doesnt care who he goes up against.”

“Miss Su is overthinking things.

Who can guess whats on the Young Marshals mind Maybe he was really just showing respect to the Yao family People should have to be careful of what they do, shouldnt they”

Su Ximan nodded.

She didnt bother to continue explaining all the things she had seen.

Right now, she felt as if she was just watching a drama anyway.

In the future, if Yun Xi really decided to stand by the Young Marshal, the enemies she would face were women from all over the country.

Su Ximan really wanted to see whether Yun Xi had the strength to control and stabilize the situation.

The women who survived among the wealthy werent lacking in methods.

And these methods were very rare.

She was looking forward to seeing how strong Yun Xi could be and how powerful she could be.

“Well, if I saw a man I liked being coveted by so many women, I would definitely rush forward to declare possession and tell them that this man is mine, so nobody should even think about him.”

“…” Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle, and, very approving of what Su Ximan had said, she nodded.

“That really seems like your M.O.”

Su Ximan had a very unique personality, which was totally different from those willful and condescending socialites.

She could be as gentle as water and as tough as a knife.

Such a woman who made people unable to figure her out was precisely the type of woman who hid her true potential the deepest and had the most means.

Fortunately, Yun Xi wasnt jealous of her because of Feng Yang, nor did she regard her as a love rival.

Otherwise she would have had to fight such a strong opponent after fighting off Han Qin.

She would be hard to guard against.

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