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Chapter 711: An Arrogant Lone Wolf

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling, who seemed to have been deliberately isolated in the crowd.

The Jiang family evidently werent going to acknowledge her status.

Or, in other words, except for the Old Master, the other people in the Jiang family didnt like the Yun family at all.

Jiang Henglin had hurriedly dragged Yun Ziling over to meet the elders of the Jiang family, but, in the end, he didnt dare to take her with him and simply abandoned her.

After causing such a farce, not only hadnt he managed to get any benefits, but hed also slapped himself in the face.

What had been the point

But, if Jiang Henglin wanted to shoot himself in the foot, she had no business stopping him, right

Yun Xi looked on as Qiao Ximin was being led by her elders toward Mu Feichi, and her cold eyes suddenly became piercing.

She put down her glass, turned around, and walked toward Yao Ying.

Every generation had their own social circle.

Because Mu Feichi had paid such public respect to the Yao family, relatives of the other families now had a much higher regard for the Yao family.

Several madames were standing around Yao Ying chatting when Yun Xi walked up.

“Second aunt, I feel a little bit cold, so Im going to go home now.”

There was a lot of heat in the hall, but Yun Xi had found that she had become skilled at telling blatant lies without batting an eye.

Yao Ying knew that she wasnt used to this kind of occasion, so she stood up and said, “Then I will have the driver take you home first.”

“No, no, dont worry about me.

I can call the driver, and you can have a good chat with the madames.”

Yun Xi smiled gracefully, nodded politely at the ladies, turned around, and walked directly outside.

Because of her identity as the future daughter-in-law of the Jiang family, the madames immediately began to talk about her.

Standing among all the guests, Mu Feichi looked at the figure at the gate who appeared to be leaving alone.

His eyes seemed perturbed, and he turned his head and called Qi Yuan over to give him a few words of instruction.

Qi Yuan nodded in response and walked out of the banquet room quickly.

As soon as hed noticed that Yun Xi had left, Mu Feichi had no intention of dealing with the guests who came forward anymore.

He turned around and walked toward Commander Mu.

It was rare for Mu Chenhao to see Mu Feichi approaching them.

Even in the Mu familys house, Mu Feichi kept his distance from the mother and son.

He was his half-brother, but Mu Feichi had never seemed to have treated him as a younger brother.

From the beginning, for so many years, hed treated the mother and son as outsiders.

However, Mu Chenhao regarded Mu Feichi as his idol and his most respected brother.

“I have something to deal with now, so Im going to leave early.

You can host the rest.”

Mu Feichi dropped this sentence at Mu Chongli indifferently, as he turned around and left.

He didnt even glance at Mu Chenhao or anyone else in the clan.

He always acted like such an arrogant lone wolf that people felt helpless around him.

Before Mu Chongli had time to answer, Mu Feichi had already merged into the crowd.

Before the waiting guests had time to come forward and talk to him, they saw him leaving in a hurry.

He took his coat from the attendant at the door of the banquet room and left the banquet room in a hurry.

The banquets vibe suddenly became cold.

No one could seem to understand what was going on.

After a while, as Mu Chongli came back to his senses and eased the atmosphere with some diplomatic words, the banquet continued with a lively atmosphere.

Mu Feichi had been the focal point of todays banquet.

Everyone had come to see and talk with him.

As soon as he left, everyone seemed to have lost the point of their coming, and they lost much interest in the rest of the banquet.

Yun Xi had just came out of the banquet room when, from a few steps away, she heard Qi Yuan calling her from behind.

She paused, turned her head, and looked at the man who was coming up from behind her.

She was a little surprised.

“Shouldnt you be at the Young Marshals side Why did you come out”

“The Young Marshal sent me to talk to you.

He wants to ask you to wait for just a little while, and he will take you home.

Ill drive, and the Young Marshal will be out soon.”

“Huh” Yun Xi was a little dumbfounded.

“He just abandoned his guests and ran away by himself”

“The Young Marshal doesnt like these kinds of occasions.

If it werent for the fact that he was in power, he might have just shown up for a minute and left.”

“…” It was indeed his M.O.

If he didnt like something or someone, he wouldnt spend five minutes on it.

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