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Chapter 714: Is There A More Shameful Excuse Than This

“Thats enough! Stop talking! Yun Xi is also my daughter, and shes the Oldest Young Madam of the Yun family, so I will give her nothing less than I should give her!”

Yun Yuanfeng looked at Yun Xi.

For the first time, Liang Xiuqins persuasion didnt work.

Yun Xis excellence was obvious to all, and she was no worse than Yun Ziling in any aspect.

Even if the Jiang family didnt acknowledge this marriage, there was still the Shen family.

As long as she was trained well, she might even be able to social climb through the three prominent clans rulers in the future.

Compared with the short-sighted Liang Xiuqin, he was looking at the bigger pictures and expected more.

“Yuanfeng!” Liang Xiuqin shouted anxiously, but she had to shut up because of Yun Yuanfengs warning look.

She gritted her teeth and turned her head to glare angrily at Yun Xi angrily.

She was not going to take this quietly!

Now that the relationship between Liang Xinyi and the Han family was torn apart, her source of money was cut off, and she must rely on Yun Yuanfengs financial support.

But once Yun Yuanfeng gives Yun Xi all the good things, there will be even fewer things to give Yun Ziling in the future, so how can she just let it happen!

Yun Xi was just a scourge, so why should she get so many things that dont belong to her

“Shut up!” Yun Yuanfeng glared at Liang Xiuqin coldly.

He then spoke to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, Dad wont give you anything less than what is given to your sister!” Compared to Yun Ziling, he sees more hope in Yun Xi.

“Thanks, Dad!” Yun Xi chuckled lightly and stood up.

“If theres nothing else, I will go upstairs and rest!”

“Go ahead.”

Before she left, Yun Xi looked at Liang Xiuqin, who appeared resentful, and Chen Lixue, who looked like she was already planning her revenge.

Yun Xi ignored them and just went up the stairs.

She really didnt want to talk about Yun Zilings cold reception and humiliation at the banquet tonight.

Liang Xiuqin had always been proud of Yun Ziling, so she would let her stay proud.

After taking a shower, Yun Xi turned on the computer and was about to ask Grey Wolf for a copy of Jiang Qilins medical records when she heard a knock on the window.

She turned around and immediately saw a figure standing outside the window.

She really was getting used to Young Marshal Mus addiction to window climbing.

She opened the window to allow Mu Feichi to climb through and enter the room.

Holding a paper bag in his hand, he turned around and sat on the bed unceremoniously.

The desk was beside the bed.

Yun Xi sat on the chair, turned to look at the man beside the bed, and then looked at the brown paper bag lying in front of him.

“This is Jiang Qilins medical record.

So you can read it for yourself.”

“Youre giving it to me so easily” Yun Xi almost couldnt believe it.

He really gave her whatever she wanted!

“Why not If I dont give it to you, youre just going to ask Grey Wolf for it.”

Mu Feichi kicked off his slippers, uncovered her quilt, and laid down by the window.

Yun Xi was dumbfounded!

She saw that he was wearing a plush, black nightgown today, and she realized that he didnt wear shoes.

He wasnt here to give her information, but to get into her bed!

“Young Marshal, what are you doing Ive got the information.

You can leave now.”

“Its snowing outside, and its cold, so I dont want to go anymore.”

‘Is there a more shameful excuse than this

Mu Feichi saw her glaring at him while biting her lip.

He rubbed her head with a self-righteous and matter-of-fact expression on his face.

“Didnt I say I would tell you a bedtime story Why, you dont want to know about Jiang Qilin”

“I can ask him myself.”

“Are you sure he will tell you everything If you are sure, then you can ask him.

No matter what, I will stay overnight tonight and wont leave!”

Obviously very annoyed, Yun Xi glared at him angrily.

But her words sounded coquettish.

“All you know how to do is bully me!”

Mu Feichi squinted and squeezed her smooth face.

“Yep, Im bullying you indeed!”

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