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Chapter 716: No Matter What, You Will Be the One at a Disadvantage

His decisiveness was exactly what was expected of a soldier.

As soon as Yun Xi was on the bed, Mu Feichi turned off the bedside lamp.

As soon as it got dark, Yun Xi began to feel unsafe, especially when she was lying down on a man with nefarious motives.

“I told you to scram.” Yun Xi raised her hand and pushed on his chest, making space between the two of them.

She squeezed out those few words, while frowning and gritting her teeth.

Although she knew he wouldnt mess around with her before she became an adult, she couldnt stand how this experienced flirt was always teasing her.

“I dont know how to scram, so can you teach me”

He lay half-propped up and looked down at the little thing lying beside him.

She was so beautiful it was hard for him to bear it.

As soon as she saw him about to play dirty, Yun Xi was immediately annoyed.

She bent her knees to jab him…

However, he seemed to have expected her to make a move like this.

Mu Feichi clasped her knees and snapped her legs to the side.

His body got closer and pressed her so firmly that she couldnt move.

“You scumbag…” At this point, the two of them were so close to each other that their slightest movements could send sparks flying.

In addition, their position was extremely romantically ambiguous.

Yun Xi didnt dare to move at all.

“Babe, your reaction speed is so slow.

So no matter what, you will be the one at a disadvantage.

It will never be easy for you to gain the upper hand.”

He raised his hand and rubbed her head.

His dark eyes had a soft, tender gleam.

His eyes looked as if they were full of stars.

People always felt that they could drown in them.

Yun Xi suddenly felt suffocated.

She bit her lips and trembled slightly.

It took a lot of effort before she was able to pull out her arm that he was lying on.

She raised her hand and gave him a slap in the face.

The slap wasnt strong because she didnt dare to use too much strength after all, but if she hadnt slapped him, she wouldnt have been able to relieve her anger.

Now, this man who had just been slapped in the face was still smiling and in a good temper, but his dark eyes had become a little more sullen.

He lowered his head and kissed her hard on the lips.

The strength and fierceness of the kiss seemed to return the slap that shed given him.

It was the characteristic Mu Feichi M.O.

He was gentle, yet extremely domineering!

It now seemed as if one kiss wasnt enough for him.

While admiring her adorably annoyed yet coquettish appearance up close, he kissed her again.

There was a faint smile on his devilishly handsome face, and in his eyes there was only her reflection.

Yun Xi bit her lip and took a few deep breaths.

She found that she was really getting more and more tolerant of this experienced flirt.

“Okay, now that were done with the hitting and kissing, no more telling me to scram today.

Lets go to bed early.”

He rubbed her head.

His movements were more gentle and affectionate than before.

It was as if she was his most beloved treasure, and he was worried that the slightest bit of force could crush her.

There was doting affection and deep passion in his eyes.

For fear that she would be corroded by such poison and be unable to extricate herself if she looked at him any more closely, Yun Xi grit her teeth and turned her head away.

“Good night, babe!”

Before she got completely angry, he turned around abruptly and, giving her half of the bed, he lay down on his side.

Yun Xi sighed, turned her head, and looked at the man was already lying down for the night to sleep.

She was speechless.

He appeared so comfortable and carefree, as if he was in his own home, despite sleeping in her bed.

He really needed a good beating.

Lying on the bed, she turned and looked out the window.

The room was dim but there was a person lying behind her, so she wasnt sleepy at all.

Many times, she had had a hard time understanding what the relationship between them was

Mu Feichi was a Young Marshal.

He had his own pride and persistence.

He also had his bottom line and principles.

If he said he wouldnt touch her, he wouldnt touch her.

But the more he flirted with her like this, the more her psychological defenses were gradually collapsing.

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