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Chapter 717: Wondering about Their IQs

Yun Xi woke up early in the morning.

Mu Feichi was already gone from the bed, but there was a serving of Shengjing Gardens breakfast on her desk.

The insulated food box was still hot, so it had probably been brought to her room not long before.

She was excited when she opened the box..

Everything she liked to eat was in there, and it also contained a cup of black sesame soy milk that she liked to drink.

This man was so considerate.

How could she possibly find fault with him

New Years Eve was in a few days.

This period before New Years Eve was the busiest time for the powerful members of society, especially so for Mu Feichi, who, besides being powerful, was also a Young Marshal.

He would inevitably have to visit the army to express his condolences for any losses theyd suffered in the last year.

However, for some reason, Mu Feichi seemed to be an exception to this rule, and he wasnt busy at all.

She didnt know if he was really not busy or if he had simply pushed all his tasks onto others.

After finishing her breakfast, she went downstairs.

After the banquet last night, Yun Ziling had returned with no good news.

Presumably, Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfeng were very disappointed.

For appearances sake, Yun Yuanfeng had also gone into the dining room to have breakfast.

As soon as she entered the dining room, she saw Yun Ziling looking at her with eyes shooting daggers.

Her face appeared grim and miserable.

Yun Xi sat down, but didnt ask for breakfast from the housekeeper.

She just poured a glass of honey tea and sat there, from time to time glancing at Liang Xiuqins also unsightly face.

The mother and daughter had been really exhausting themselves trying to establish ties with the Jiang family.

The two of them werent as ambitious as Yun Chuhan, who was aiming for Mu Feichi, yet all of them were totally wasting their time.

It really made her wonder about their IQs.

The second aunt brought breakfast to Yun Xi.

She glanced at Liang Xiuqins gloomy expression and deliberately mentioned the New Years greeting arrangements.

“Yun Xi, since youre here this year, you must go to give the New Years greetings to the Jiang family.

When do you plan to do so”

“Lets follow the customary tradition of New Years greetings.

I will go to the Jiang family and the Chen family to do the greetings on the same day.

I might have to go to the Zhao family also to pay my New Years greetings after visiting these two families, but I think that is all I need to do.

Second aunt, is there anything I can do to help you”

“Thats not necessary.

I have many relatives, so I cant finish all the New Years greetings in just a few days.

I have to drag Haozhe along with me for this round of New Years greetings.

I have to familiarize him with my relatives.”

Yun Xi nodded.

Her mother didnt have any relatives in Jingdu, so it really saved her a lot of effort during the New Year.

Yao Yings remarks made an invisible impression on Liang Xiuqin.

Yao Ying had many backers in her maternal family, but what about her Except for a brother who was a village chief in the countryside, she had nobody else.

She had no backers and no powerful family to rely on.

She paled in comparison to Yao Ying in every respect, so of course she was no match against her at all.

In addition to having no son, she had no status in the Yun family.

All of this had been caused by Yun Xi, her scourge.

If it hadnt been for Yun Xi, she might still have been in charge of the Yun family and still have been able to be friends with all the rich madames.

Ever since Yun Xis return, she had lost everything.

Now, Yun Xi had even snatched the Jiang family, who had been her only hope, from Yun Zilings hands.

How could she swallow this

In a fit of anger, she said, “For this years New Year, you dont have to go to the Jiang family to pay a New Years greeting.

You can go directly to the Chen family.

I will take Ziling to the Jiang family to pay a New Years greeting.

The Jiang family wouldnt want to see you anyway, so if you went to pay them a New Years greeting visit, why would that please them”

Yao Ying glanced at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi appeared as if she couldnt care less about what Liang Xiuqin had said, but Yao Ying didnt want Liang Xiuqin to try and exploit the situation.

No matter what, this engagement belonged to Yun Xi, so even if she didnt want it, she wasnt going to let Liang Xiuqin take advantage of her and even drag her down.

“You speak as if they would be happy if you went there.

Im afraid you still dont understand how much humiliation the Jiang family suffered when Second Young Master Jiang took Yun Ziling to attend last nights banquet.”

When Yao Ying said this, she deliberately glanced at Yun Yuanfeng, who raised his head, and then she continued, “Everyone in their social circle knows that its the Oldest Young Madame of the Yun family who he is engaged to, yet he brought the Second Young Madame of the Yun family.

Those who didnt know probably thought that the younger sister stole her older sisters man.

How could the Jiang family be pleased by that”

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