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Chapter 719: My Words Are the Rules

A black Bentley stopped at the front door of the Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain.

A middle-aged man in a tailored black suit got out of the car and stood silently at the door.

Wearing gold-framed glasses, his sharp eyes stared at the door until the butler opened it.

“Butler Zhao, long time no see!”

Butler Zhao of Mu Mansion looked at the man who had just driven up.

He was the butler of the Mu familys main mansion.

Butler Zhao smiled politely.

“Butler Rong, long time no see.

Please come inside.

The Young Master hasnt gotten up yet, so youll have to wait a moment.

Ill go and get him up.”

“Perfect!” Rong Zhen nodded and followed Butler Zhao into the house.

Mu Feichi didnt seem to be surprised that Butler Rong had come over.

At the Weiya Banquet, he had simply left everyone and run away.

There was no way Mu Chongli would want to settle accounts with him.

After changing into comfortable loungewear, Mu Feichi came down to see his guest.

As he entered the room, Rong Zhen hurriedly stood up and nodded at him politely.

“Young Master, good morning!”

“Good morning, Butler Rong.” Mu Feichi stepped forward and poured himself a cup of warm water.

“You could have just called me if you needed anything.

Why bother to come all the way up here”

Although he didnt live in the Mu familys main residence, he was the current head of the Mu family.

Butler Rong was responsible for dealing with the Mu familys matters.

As the master, Mu Feichi was the one who made all the final decisions.

“The Commander wants the Young Master to come home.

The Old Chief also said that he hadnt seen the Young Master for a long time, so he asked me to come and invite the Young Master to come back with me.”

Mu Feichi chuckled and sat down on the sofa in a lazy manner.

“How worried are they that I wont go back to have to bother you to come”

Rong Zhen didnt fail to discern the ridicule in his words, and he smiled.

“Young Master, you must be joking.”

“All right, Ill stop joking with you.

Ill go back with you, but you have to wait until I finish breakfast.”

Mu Feichi stood up and glanced at the butler of the Mu familys main mansion.

“Butler Rong, lets have breakfast together!”

“Young Master, the rules cant be changed.” They were butlers, and there was a rule that forbade them to eat with their masters.

“In the Mu Mansion, my words are the rules.” Mu Feichi paused, turned his head, and glanced at the two butlers.

“You two have been working hard for a year, yet you cant sit down and eat breakfast with me Ridiculous! As we eat, you can tell me about Mu Chenhaos academic progress.”

Butler Rong and Butler Zhao glanced at each other.

Butler Zhao understood his Young Masters temper, so he nodded at Butler Rong.

“Please go ahead and sit down at the table, Butler Rong.”

“Okay, okay, I wont stand on ceremony.”

Soon, Mu Feichi was eating breakfast and listening to the butlers report on Mu Chenhaos results.

He appeared indifferent on the surface, but he was listening very attentively.

Butler Rong couldnt help lamenting to himself.

On the surface, the Oldest Young Master didnt seem to care about the Second Young Master and his mother, but in reality, he was actually quite concerned about them.

“Since the schools teachers dont know that he is the Young Master of the Mu family, let them keep an eye on his studies when school starts next year.

If his grades are still in the single digits, get rid of those teachers.”

“I agree.

I will explain the situation to the school later.

Money is no object.

The Second Young Masters grades are really horrible, and the Commander doesnt have time to watch over him.

The third year of middle school is a critical time.

If his grades dont improve, he will have to work extra hard in the future.”

“Since even you understand this truth, how can his family not understand it If they dont understand, you should remind them that if Mu Chenhao doesnt want to study hard, then let him go to a construction site and move bricks to experience life.

If Commander Mu cant bear to be tough-hearted with him, then send him over here, and I will discipline him.”

Butler Rong smiled discreetly as he nodded.

“Yes, Young Master.

I think thats a good idea.

I will bring him over here for you to discipline.”

He knew that, in front of the Commander, the Young Master definitely wouldnt say these words.

Therefore, he would have to become the messenger between them.

No one knew when the ice was going to break in their awkward, estranged relationship.

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