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Chapter 72: Make One Lust after Him

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After some pleasantries, Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling, whod wanted to be the center of attention but had failed miserably.

Yun Ziling was shooting daggers at her with her resentful eyes.

Yun Ziling couldnt conceal her contempt for Yun Xi.

She didnt hold back from glaring at her.

At this visit, shed brought gifts for the Chen family.

Shed come here on behalf of the Yun family.

Yun Xi, that wretched girl, had come here empty-handed, yet here she was trying to take advantage of the situation.

How dare she act as if she was the center of attention Her mother was the one who had paid for the gifts, yet she was trying to compete for the limelight.

How shameful!

Since she was at the Chens home and she had never been there before, Yun Ziling dared not act too presumptuous and had to endure the grievances.

Yun Xi smiled, and then reminded Yun Ziling that the gift was in the car, as she turned to enter the villa courtyard with the butler.

“Sister, didnt you take the meeting gift”

Yun Ziling looked displeased.

Why should she fetch these things like a servant

“Arent you the one who chose it I dont want to take advantage of you, so wouldnt it seem more sincere if you carried it yourself Second sister, you came here on behalf of the Yun family, so dont bring shame on the Yun family.”

Listening to Yun Xi, Yun Ziling was on cloud nine with self-satisfaction.

“So you realize that I came here on behalf of the Yun family Then follow behind me, dont talk nonsense, and dont try to show off.”

Unwilling to see her steal the limelight, Yun Ziling gave her a warning.

She was the proud heiress of the Yun family!

She had grown up with the affluence of the Yun family and had been the center of attention wherever she went.

How could a country bumpkin like Yun Xi, who had just recently returned from the countryside, compare to the likes of her

“All right then! You go on ahead!” Yun Xi looked at the housekeeper, who had a vexed expression on his face, and stepped back behind Yun Ziling.

Jiang Wanyun was pruning flowers in the yard, where many rare varieties of roses and tulips had been planted.

Although they were going into autumn, the entire garden was just as vibrant as it had been in spring.

“Madam, Miss Yun is here!”

The butler walked on ahead and informed Jiang Wanyun, who was sitting at a stone table as she trimmed and arranged the flowers.

Upon hearing his voice, Jiang Wanyun raised her head with a tender smile on her gentle face.

Seeing the unfamiliar person standing in front of Yun Xi, she raised her eyebrows slightly, put down her scissors, and waved at Yun Xi.

“Who is this” Jiang Wanyun glanced at Yun Ziling, who was smiling obsequiously, and turned to ask Yun Xi.

“Madame, this is…”

Before Yun Xi could finish speaking, Yun Ziling interrupted her.

“Hello, madame, my name is Yun Ziling.

I am Yun Xis sister.

This is a gift for you…”

As soon as Yun Ziling spoke, the expression on Jiang Wanyuns face grew sulky.

Interrupting someone, disrespecting her sister, and desperate for attention…

As a girl, she didnt seem to have any basic manners, and Jiang Wanyuns first impression of her was extremely negative.

Jiang Wanyun didnt even look at her.

As she turned around, she saw her beloved son coming out of the house.

He was about to open his mouth to greet Yun Xi, but Yun Ziling had already heard sounds and turned around.

She stared at the figure coming from afar.

His tall, elegant figure was particularly eye-catching.

Even though he was in casual attire, it was difficult to conceal how suave he was, highlighting his genteel upbringing.

Yun Ziling immediately guessed the identity of this person and bowed her head slightly in accordance with the etiquette of a ladys greeting.

“Greetings, eldest son.

My name is Yun Ziling, and I am Yun Xis younger sister.

Nice to meet you, please take care.”

In order to make herself appear courteous and vivacious, Yun Ziling did not hold back from showcasing her fake “natural poise”.

This not only made it seem like she didnt have the manners of a lady, but it also made her seem too opportunistic.

As she lifted her head, Yun Ziling got a clear look of the figure standing in front of her at close range.

With a gray-and-white casual T-shirt on his well-proportioned body, off-white trousers, and white casual shoes, he appeared very different from the brusque guy she had seen in the compound before.

The mannerisms of the man in front of her bespoke the elegance and assurance of a born-and-bred blue blood.

No wonder he was considered the eldest son who was a giant among men.

One glance was enough to make one lust after him.

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