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Chapter 722: You Are The First Woman Im Using It On

As the car drove up to the Mu familys mansion, Yun Xi couldnt stop glaring at him.

After struggling in vain for a few minutes, she finally gave up and stopped moving.

Throughout the journey, the butler in the front passenger seat was in wonder.

The Young Master, who was always cold and aloof, was actually head over heels in love!

He wasnt behaving like the ruler of the Mu family at all; not with all the threats, temptations, and harassments.

On top of that, this little girl was just as fascinating.

The butler had been in the Mu familys employ for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen a girl who dared to disobey his Young Master.

Usually, no one would dare speak to their Young Master like this.

And if they dared to speak like that, they usually met with an ugly ending.

But this girl had done everything as offensive as she possibly could.

No wonder the Young Master was so impressed by her.

She was such a maverick!

Mu Feichi tilted his head to look at Yun Xis puffy cheeks.

He didnt say anything.

For a while, he couldnt figure out what she was thinking.

He thought that she might be acting too stubborn, and she would attempt to climb out the car window to escape.

He couldnt keep quiet anymore.

“Butler Rong, remember the gift from the master Is it still in the car”

“Yes, its in the drawer.

You can see if its there.”

The gift that the master gave him had left him speechless.

After opening it, the Young Master threw it into the car, but he didnt dare to get rid of it.

“Okay!” Mu Feichi leaned over and took a black gift box out of the drawer, He opened the box and gently took out a pair of golden handcuffs.

Yun Xi turned her head to see what Mu Feichi was holding.

Her eyes fell on the handcuffs and the set of erotic lingerie inside the gift box.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and her ears turned bright red!

Before she could even react, Mu Feichi had already handcuffed her to him.

As soon as the cold handcuffs were attached to her wrists, Yun Xi returned to her senses.

She stared blankly at the specialty handcuffs.

She blushed uncontrollably.

“Young Marshal! What are you doing!”

“I dont want you to try and escape, so…” Mu Feichi shook their handcuffed wrists, then smiled softly.

“Lets share the blessings together!”

“Im not going to run away, okay” Yun Xi raised her hand, then shook the handcuffs on her hand.

Resisting the urge to kill him, she said, “Youre using the sex toy you use on other women against me!”

She never knew that he had such a perverted fetish, nor did she know how many women he had used it on.

She felt goosebumps rise all over her body when she thought of that imagery.

Mu Feichi smiled ambiguously.

He was familiar did not miss the awkward and exasperated expression on her face.

He solemnly emphasized, “No, you are the first woman Im using it on.

Im different from Han Zhongteng.

I dont have this sort of fetish.”

Shi Yuxins gift was really nasty.

All Mu Feichi had done was to just look at it before throwing it in the car.

He rarely returned to the Mu familys house, so he never expected that the butler had kept it for the entire time!

There was no other way.

To be sure that Yun Xi wouldnt jump out of the moving car, he had to use the handcuffs.

“Young Marshal, if you handcuff me like this, Commander Mu might get so angry that he might whip you!”

In terms of shamelessness, he was second to none.

She had to admit defeat!

“No, he will be happy that I brought his future daughter-in-law home.”

“…” Yun Xi just rolled her eyes at him.

The black car slowly drove down the 500-meter, ginkgo-lined avenue, in a shower of golden leaves.

After passing through a series of checkpoints, the car finally stopped outside the Mu familys mansion.

The guard at the gate examined the license plate number and quickly let the car pass.

Yun Xi looked at the militarized mansion.

The security procedures were more official and stricter than their villa complex.

But the thought that she was stepping into the Mu familys territory left her completely terrified!

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