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Chapter 724: Stern And Serious Young Marshal

Mu Chenhao, who had been waiting at his home all this time, heard the sound of the car.

He ran out of the house and from within the courtyard, he saw three figures coming in from the entrance.

“Brother, youre back!” Mu Chenhao ran over wearing his slipper.

The young mans face was full of joy that couldnt be concealed.

His innocent eyes were full of unabashed excitement and admiration, as if the person standing in front of him was his idol.

Mu Feichi paused and looked at his younger brother, who he hadnt seen for several months.

He had only had a glimpse of Mu Chenhao at the Weiya banquet and didnt pay much attention to him.

And now, he seemed to have grown taller again.

This was his half-brother; a younger brother who was related to him by blood.

Although he didnt reject his existence, he still couldnt get past that hurdle in his heart.

This was why, even after many years, Mu Feichi had always been indifferent to both mother and son.

But this never seemed to hinder Mu Chenhaos adoration and respect for him.

Each time Mu Feichi returned, Mu Chenhao always had the same pure-hearted and innocent reaction.

Mu Feichi took a look at the down jacket Mu Chenhao was wearing.

He was still in his pajama pants and slippers.

He looked disheveled.

His sullen and handsome face suddenly sank.

With a stern expression on his handsome face, he scolded, “Cant you see theres a guest here How can you be dressed like this! Go back and change your clothes before you come out again!”

“Huh Oh, Ill go right now!” Mu Chenhao lowered his head and looked at the clothes on his body, then at the charming little girl standing beside his brother.

The girls beautiful appearance made him do a double take.

Her long black hair framed her small face.

She had defined eyebrows, and appeared vivacious yet youthful.

Her clear cat-like eyes were bright and lively.

Her eyes gleamed, as if she could see through you.

This girl looked about his age, and she didnt seem to be much older than him.

His eyes fell on the handcuffed hands of the two of them.

He smiled awkwardly and pointed.

“Brother, what are you two doing Is she a guest or a prisoner”

“Why are you blabbering so much nonsense Go back in and change your clothes!”

“Oh oh, Im going now…” Mu Chenhao glanced at Yun Xi, then turned around and ran into the house sheepishly.

As he rushed into the house, he shouted to the people inside, “Dad, my brother is back!”

“Butler Rong, go up and watch him.

In the future, no matter at what time, if the Second Young Master goes downstairs dressed like this again, starve him for a few meals, and dont feed him until he learns how to behave.

Nobody is allowed to intercede for him! ”

“Yes, Young Master!” Butler Rong knew in his heart that the Oldest Young Master was strict with the Second Young Master, but in the end, it was for his own good.

Yun Xi tilted her head and looked at Mu Feichi.

There was a seriousness that she had never seen before.

She then looked at the little guy who had run away.

He was such a dutiful older brother!

His attitude was stern and serious, yet it was effective against that kid!

It was no wonder that the kid looked at his older brother with admiration and excitement in his eyes; almost as if he was looking at his idol.

She had never seen brothers interact with each other like that.

They appeared distant on the surface, but they actually had strong affection for each other.

How rare!

By comparison, her Yun family had sisters that were always dissing one another.

On top of that, the sisters always had to keep their guard up against each others schemes.

It was simply exhausting!

“Lets go! Lets go in!” Mu Feichi turned over his handcuffed hand, then grasped her slender cold hand and held it tightly.

Yun Xi trembled lightly, then slightly raised her eyes to look at the man in front of her.

She felt intimidated, but she had to bite the bullet to face the next occasion.

The mans dry palm had a touch of warmth, and had an imperceptible soothing effect.

Her tensed up nerves gradually calmed down.

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