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Chapter 725: Future Young Madam Of The Mu Family

Even in her previous life, Yun Xi had never faced a situation wherein she had to meet the parents, and especially not being handcuffed to meet the parents!

Mu Feichi never played by the rules.

This abnormal scene was so outrageous that it would leave anyone at a loss for words!

The butler was standing respectfully by the door, and the housekeeper had already prepared the shoes to be changed into at the entrance.

When she stepped into the door, Yun Xi hesitated, and her handcuffed hands forcefully tugged at Mu Feichi.

“Whats the matter” Mu Feichi paused, then glanced at her sideways.

Seeing her nervous and aggrieved appearance, he couldnt help but smile.

“The skys not about to fall, and even if it does, I will be there to lift it!”

He took her by the hand and walked into the house.

Although he was pressuring her, today was a special day for him.

Even if she was underage, even if she was unwilling to enter the Mu family, she will be the future Madam of the Mu family, a position that was hers alone.

Yun Xi raised her head and squinted at the Young Marsha, a man who used threats and tricks to abduct her to the Mu familys house but still appeared so self-righteous.

Probably in this world, nothing was off-limits to him

Since he said he would protect her, she naturally believed him.

In that moment, she realized that she was probably thinking too much about it.

He said that he was bringing her to see his parents, but it didnt mean that Commander Mu would like her.

Why was she so nervous

Could it be possible that she was nervous because she had anticipation in her heart, and she cared what the elders like Commander Mu thought of her Was she worried about being targeted and judged by him

Since she had anticipation in her heart, it must mean that she had feelings for Mu Feichi.

If she really didnt care that much, she would let him do whatever he wanted, then she would say to Commander Mu in an aloof manner, “The Young Marshal is joking, so please dont take it seriously, Commander Mu!”

Then she could stand aside indifferently while she watched Young Marshal clean up his own mess.

But now, she couldnt do it.

Her worry and nervousness betrayed her feelings.

“Since the Young Marshal is so confident of the outcome, you have to block whatever Commander Mu throws at me!”

“Of course.” After entering the Mu familys house, there was no reason for his woman to be wronged.

They stepped into the hallway and Yun Xi silently glanced at the living room.

It was twice the size of her own living room and was designed in a retro yet luxurious fashion.

The outside of the house may look simple, but the luxurious furnishings inside the house truly demonstrated the taste and aesthetics of the owner.

It really shocked her at first sight! !

What did he mean when he said that there was only Commander Mu in the house A dozen people in this living room were all staring at the two of them.

How could she not worry!

She told herself that she didnt need to worry about this matter.

After all, Commander Mu would look down on her no matter what she did.

There was nothing she could do about it.

After taking off her shows and putting on the slippers, Yun Xi followed Mu Feichis steps into the living room.

There were a lot of people there, and she could only vaguely guess their identities.

Old Master Mu was sitting in the middle of a double-chair, and Old Madam Mu sat next to him.

On their left were Commander Mu and his current wife.

Gathered around them were other family members who looked to be Mu Feichis elders.

They were probably all here to wait for Mu Feichi, the person in charge, to return.

Commander Mu glanced at the little girl that Mu Feichi brought back.

His eyes fell on their handcuffed hands, and his sharp eyes suddenly sank.

Mu Feichi paused before he politely looked at Old Master Mu.

“Grandpa, grandma, Im back!”

Old Master Mu didnt look at his grandson, but looked at the little girl next to him instead, and asked curiously, “Who is this”

“Grandpa, grandma, this is the future Young Madam of the Mu family.

Her surname is Yun, and her name is Yun Xi.”

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