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Chapter 727: Love Truly Conquers All

Mu Feichi wasnt saying what he truly meant.

His attitude was cold and arrogant, as if he had claimed her as his one and only.

“Meet the parents! Is she even an adult yet Youre just messing around, but have you ever thought about her situation”

Mu Chongli was annoyed by Mu Feichis behavior of bringing Yun Xi to meet the parents.

This girl was still young and looked like she had no care in the world, but Mu Feichi was more anxious than anyone else!

“Im not being impulsive.

I know what Im doing.

In this life, I plan to marry her.

I came here today to introduce her to you all and let you meet her.

She will become my wife in the future.

It will spare you all the effort of introducing someone to me.”

“You might want us to acknowledge her, but this isnt something that you do whenever you want.

She is still the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.

Youre making such a big deal about this, its like giving the Jiang family a slap in the face.

Have you even thought about the consequences of your action”

“I dont care Did you see the Jiang familys reaction at the Weiya Banquet When she becomes an adult, I will personally go to the Jiang family to cancel their engagement.”

“Scumbag! That is a marriage that was decided by the elders.

You are nothing but an outsider to them!”

Just as Mu Feichi was about to retort, Yun Xi suddenly pulled him.

She furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head at him.

“Shut up!”

Mu Feichi squinted slightly, then said angrily and helplessly, “Babe, dont pull the rug out from under me!”

“You cant talk to your elders like that.

Youre the one whos pulling the rug out from under me.

Youre putting me in the middle of this storm thats brewing… Arent you hurting me”

Although she wasnt seeking approval from the Mu family, she didnt want to be hated by them either.

“…” Mu Feichi was left speechless.

He really wanted to express his position and attitude towards the matter, but he didnt want her to become the target of public criticism.

And he definitely didnt want her to be an eyesore to the Mu family.

As soon as Yun Xi spoke, the atmosphere in the living room suddenly changed.

It was at this moment that the Mu family member witnessed the ruler of the Mu family, someone even Commander Mu couldnt control, heeding the words of a little girl.

It was as if the fire within Mu Feichi had been tamed by this little fire extinguisher.

Commander Mu was not the only one surprised.

Even the Old Master and the Old Madam of the Mu family felt astonished!

No one had ever seen the proud ruler of the Mu family being so obedient.

Love truly conquers all.

“No matter what you say, thats my opinion about this whole thing.”

Mu Feichis aura weakened upon hearing Yun Xis words.

In the end, he could only say this sentence to express his persistence.

Despite how angry Commander Mu was moments before, he gradually started to calm down.

It was a rare sight to see his precious son be the first to compromise.

If he hadnt, then things would continue to be tense and the father and son might have a falling out.

He even hoped that in the future, the softened Mu Feichi would be less estranged from him.

“We will talk about this issue once she becomes an adult.

For now, we will just treat it as you guys coming over to pay New Years greetings!”

No matter how unhappy Mu Feichi was, that was his stance.

Mu Feichi turned his head and looked at Yun Xi, who looked a little overjoyed, and he didnt know whether to laugh or cry!

He was defending her and announcing her position, yet she acted as if it had nothing to do with her.

Her indifference left him speechless.

“Its a rare occasion for you to come back here.

Why dont you stay for lunch”

Since the Old Master spoke, naturally Mu Feichi couldnt refuse.

Yun Xi was dumbfounded.

Once again, she tugged at Mu Feichi.

“Then lets leave after lunch!”

Before Yun Xi had time to speak, the butler behind him had already received a call from the guard post, and he reported in a respectful tone, “Young Master, Commander, Miss Si of the Presidential Palace is here.”

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