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Chapter 728: Show Off Your Status As The Empress!

It couldnt have been a coincidence.

Yun Xi almost suspected that Si Wenxuan had calculated the exact time to arrive here at the Mu family house.

As soon as Si Wenxuan arrived, Yun Xi felt the urge to leave.

Mu Feichi could see what she was thinking just by looking at her.

He tightened his grip on her hand, leaned over to her ear, and whispered, “You are the palaces official empress, so what are you afraid of”

Yun Xi gritted her teeth, then glared at him, and said in an angry voice, “What does that have to do with me”

Why should she have to deal with his romantic encounters

Besides, someone like Si Wenxuan wasnt someone she could afford to deal with!

Mu Feichi smiled, and disregarding the curious gazes in the living room, he dragged her out, leaving the elders behind.

“Of course it should matter to you! Once you enter through the door of the Mu family, you, the official madam, will have to deal with these types of women.”

Mu Chongli watched Mu Feichi walk outside.

His eyebrows were raised as he spoke to the butler, “Invite the guest in! And since theres so many people here today, make sure you ask the kitchen to prepare a big lunch.”

“Yes!” The butler answered.

He looked at the Young Master who had already left and turned around to return to the sentry posts call.

In the courtyard, Yun Xi tugged her hand that was handcuffed to Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi paused and then took out the key to unlock the handcuffs on the two of them.

“Dont worry, babe.

You can now show off your status as the empress!”

“Young Marshal, your joke isnt funny at all!”

“What are you afraid of In my territory, if she dares to harass you, you can do whatever you want to her.

You dont even have to be polite.

I will support you!”

Only Mu Feichi would dare to say something like that!

She wasnt afraid of Si Wenxuan, but her status was there.

If Yun Xi provoked her, she would inevitably cause trouble, and she didnt want to bring disaster upon herself.

The two stood in the center of the huge courtyard.

The snow and wind had finally stopped.

The snow covered the yard, but a few purple chrysanthemums were still in full bloom and poking through the blanket of white.

It made the otherwise dreary courtyard look a bit more cheerful.

The courtyard, surrounded by flowing water canal arch bridges, was very large.

The design was similar to that of Mu Mansion, but it had a stronger historical charm.

A few minutes later, Si Wenxuans car stopped at the door.

The butler had already walked over to welcome them.

The driver opened the door for Si Wenxuan and brought out some gifts from the car.

Si Wenxuan immediately saw the figure standing in the courtyard, but before she could rejoice, she spotted Yun Xi standing next to Mu Feichi.

The smile on her face froze.

As soon as the butler opened the front door, Si Wenxuan rushed in.

The half-inch boots on her feet made muffled footsteps as she walked on the pebble stone road.

“Why are you here” Si Wenxuan demanded to know.

She became angry when she saw Yun Xi.

Although Mu Feichi was standing in front of her, Si Wenxuan couldnt keep her composure at the sight of Yun Xi.

The existence of this wretched girl was an eyesore to her!

What sort of place was the Mu familys house How could someone like her come here

Just the fact that she was here meant that some sort of trouble must be brewing.

Ever since this wretched girl cured her mothers illness, almost everyone praised her.

And now, it seemed like the status of this plebeian has improved even more!

But no matter what, she was still a plebeian.

What status did the Yun family have They werent even one of the four distinguished families.

Although they lived in the villa complex, it was only because they benefited from association with the Jiang familys Old Chief and from having an Old Master that was a guard.

They had no official titles or status, not to mention any prominent wealth!

How can a girl from such a humble family be worthy enough to stand beside the Young Marshal How shameless!

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