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Chapter 731: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The atmosphere in the living room was pleasant and cordial.

Si Wenxuans sweet-talking mouth was pleasing everyone.

She felt smug, and from time to time, she cast provocative looks at Yun Xi.

Who knew that Yun Xi smiled brighter than she did and couldnt have cared less about what Si Wenxuan was up to

Si Wenxuan couldnt tell whether she was acting or was actually that calm, but her goal had been achieved anyway, and she had also regained her sense of superiority.

The Mu family members who were present today were all tolerant people, especially since she was the daughter of the president, so they gave her respect.

Mu Feichi watched Si Wenxuans performance as if he were watching a show.

Everyone else was cooperating as politely as possible, but from beginning to end, he didnt show her any fondness.

As a man who had always been short-tempered, he was especially intolerant of people who dissed his woman.

Therefore, of course, he had to return this slap in the face.

Otherwise, it would be uncharacteristic of him.

“Grandma, didnt you say that you have been experiencing pain in your lower back and legs recently How are they now Have they gotten better What did the doctor at the General Hospital of the Military say”

“The doctor said it was arthritis.

Its okay.

Ill just put some ointment on it.”

“Yun Xi knows Chinese medicine, so let her take a look.

A few months ago, the old madame of the Chen family suffered a slight stroke and had hemiplegia in her legs.

The doctor at the General Hospital of the Military said that she would have to undergo surgery to recover, but Yun Xi used Chinese acupuncture and cured her.”

Mu Feichi squeezed Yun Xis hand.

The expression on her face was aloof, and she appeared indifferent, but she had already planned out every move in her life.

Yun Xi had cured the old madame of the Chen family.

This was no secret among most of the blue-blood families, but none of them had met Yun Xi, and they didnt know that this little girl that hed brought with him was the genius doctor who had taken Jingdus upper society by storm.

The little girl might have looked young, but her medical skills were really impressive.

Some of her knowledge had even been praised by the doctors of the General Hospital of the Military.

Yun Xi was just applying the knowledge that she had learned in her last life and using it now.

She didnt realize how these people praised her behind the scenes.

She was just expanding her small network of connections in a low-key manner.

Yet when Mu Feichi suddenly mentioned her medical skills in front of so many people, Yun Xi was astonished and turned to look at him in puzzlement.

What trick did he have up his sleeve

“Grandma, why dont you let Yun Xi take a look”

Yet before Yun Xi could take the bait, someone else had already jumped into the trap Mu Feichi had set.

When Si Wenxuan heard about the old madames pains, she had quickly stood up, looking at the old madame eagerly and worriedly at the same time.

“Do you feel uncomfortable, Old Madame I specifically learned some massages, so I could give you a massage, and perhaps youll feel more comfortable.

Even my mother praises my skills,” Si Wenxuan said as she walked over to the old madame.

The old madame didnt dislike this calculating little girl, but she didnt like her that much either.

There were many grandchildren in the family, and there were many sensible and amiable ones as well.

She had lived for many years now, so except for her mysterious oldest grandson, she could basically see through the minds of these juniors.

Since Si Wenxuan had made this offer with such enthusiasm, the old madame smiled and glanced at her grandson.

Seeing that he was silent, she didnt refuse Si Wenxuans offer.

She was rather curious about this Yun familys girl, who had been silent.

Si Wenxuan had made various provocations as soon as she walked in.

Yun Xi did not take them to heart, but she even appeared amused, as if she was watching a farce.

Mu Feichi was hard to read, and although the little girl he had brought with him looked simpleminded and pure-hearted, she was also hard to read.

It was indeed true that birds of a feather flock together.

The old madame had never expected, though, that just after Si Wenxuans massage had started, the sore parts of her body felt even more painful.

Especially when Si Wenxuan touched her knees, the old madame grimaced in pain.

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