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Chapter 733: I Believe in You

Yun Xi shook her head.

“Its not that serious now.

These are just the initial symptoms.

If nothing aggravates the condition, the correct treatment should be enough.

I dont recommend surgery since the Old Madame is getting older, and rheumatism is a special disease.

It might require a long period of rest and medication.”

The Mu family didnt lack money or people to care for her, so she didnt have to worry about that.

After a few minutes, Yun Xi put aside the medical records.

“Perhaps because Im young, not everyone trusts my medical skills.

If you want assurance, you should go to the hospital and have her checked again.

It would be best to change to a doctor with more experience and expertise to avoid diagnostic mistakes that delay treatment of the condition.”

“I believe in you.” Mu Feichi didnt even have to think about it.

He simply supported her unconditionally.

Yun Xi was a little bit dumbfounded by what hed said.

Just because he believed in her didnt mean that the other elders believed in her.

They looked at things more objectively than he did and of course they werent blindly irrational because they werent madly in love with her.

Most of them still had some doubts about her abilities, since she was just a young girl.

“I dont need to go to the hospital.

Girl, please take a look at me.

The doctors already made the wrong diagnosis, so how can I trust the hospital”

Old Madame Mu also felt fortunate that this girl had been here today.

Otherwise, she never would have known that her diagnosis had been wrong.

Besides, all the symptoms Yun Xi had talked about were right.

She didnt think she could trust the doctors any longer.

Yun Xi thought it over for a while.

In fact, it couldnt be said that it was the hospital doctors fault.

The initial rheumatism symptoms did look like those of arthritis.

The Old Madames illness wasnt serious.

The doctor didnt think that the problem was serious, thought that some rest was enough, and that it wouldnt deteriorate to become rheumatism.

Yet after Si Wenxuans actions, shed checked it carefully, and the problem had been accidentally exposed.

It had all been an accident.

Yun Xi had never thought that this would happen.

“He believes in you, so I believe in you too.

Please take care of me.”

In front of so many people, Yun Xi felt flustered and couldnt make up her mind.

She turned to look at Commander Mu and Old Master Mu.

“Maybe my medical skills arent that good, so she should go…”

“You can do it.” Looking at Yun Xi with a solemn expression, Old Master Mu said, “We arent going to the hospital, so go ahead and take charge.”

Although this little girl looked young, the symptoms and technical terms shed mentioned had matched the symptoms that the Old Madame had complained about, so they didnt think Yun Xi was talking nonsense.

While Yun Xi was still hesitating, Mu Feichi raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Dont worry, you have to believe in yourself and show the same courage as when you cured the Presidents wife!”

Si Wenxuan stood on the sidelines and didnt dare to speak.

However, when she heard that Yun Xi was going to treat the Old Madame, she couldnt calm down.

If Yun Xi didnt succeed in curing the Old Madame, the blame for hurting the Old Madame would fall on her.

Wouldnt it be her problem in the end

“Old Madame, you should go to the hospital.

What kind of medical skills can she have being such a young girl Dont delay treatment of your condition.”

The Old Madame glanced at Si Wenxuan, ignored her, and asked Yun Xi directly, “Girl, are you confident”

Yun Xi nodded.

She had confidence in her medical skills.

The initial stages of rheumatism werent difficult to deal with, and the Chinese patent medicines shed studied in her last life could also be used in advance.

As long as the Old Madames care was taken with daily maintenance, Yun Xi was confident that she could cure, or at least ameliorate, this disease.

“All right, then you come and examine me.

We wont go to the hospital.”

The Old Madam also wanted to see what this girl was capable of.

It wasnt that she dared to experiment with herself, but this girls calm and composed expression gave her enough confidence to believe in her.

“Old Madame…” Si Wenxuan felt really anxious.

“How can you do this What if your condition gets worse She doesnt understand anything at all, so dont listen to her nonsense.

Arent all of the doctors in the hospital older and more experienced than she is She hasnt even graduated from high school, so how can she understand anything”

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