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Chapter 735: His Little Darling Was So Wonderful

Hearing her sneer, Yun Xi glanced at Si Wenxuan, and then continued to write the list of ingredients that she needed for the prescriptions.

As she continued writing, she explained, “A small amount of alcohol can speed up blood circulation and increase body temperature.

Patients with rheumatism need to drink a small amount of alcohol every day, preferably medicinal liquor.

I will write the prescription here.

Please ask the butler to prepare the medicinal materials according to this formula.

The liquor can be drunk after steeping for a period of time.

The alcohol content wont be high and wont cause any other diseases.”

“Thats great.” The Old Madame nodded.

The little girls treatment methods were quite special, unlike the doctors who spent all their time telling her what not to eat.

“It needs to steep for some time.

During this period of time…”

Yun Xi raised her head and glanced at Mu Feichi.

“The Young Marshal can go to Young Master Jiang and ask for a few bottles that I made for him.

The two prescriptions are similar.

The Old Madames prescription has more nourishing and calming medicinal materials.

Young Master Jiangs bottles can work as a substitute.

He must have plenty in stock.”

“Okay, I will call and ask him to send some over.”

Mu Feichi watched her kneeling on the carpet and writing prescriptions on the coffee table with a serious expression on her face.

Her serene profile appeared focused, dedicated, and had a unique charm.

Her long black hair was tucked behind her ears, and when her head was lowered, her slim jade-like neck was revealed.

It was partly hidden in her red-and-white houndstooth coat and gave her a soft glow

His little darling was so wonderful.

Old Master Mu had a good impression of the Jiang familys boy, so upon hearing this girl mention him, he couldnt help being a little curious.

“Why, the Jiang familys boy has rheumatism too Isnt this a disease that only elderly people get He is so young…”

“Young Master Jiangs illness was caused by an old disease.

When it rains or snows, his knee hurts.

The symptoms are similar to those of the Old Madame, but the treatments are different.

The Old Madame needs to take care of it as she gets older.

Pay attention to keeping warm, take calcium supplements, and get more sun.

Dont use the ointment prescribed by the doctor.

I can just smell that there are allergenic ingredients in it.

I will go back and make a new ointment for you.

It might look a bit like a skin plaster, but this is the most direct and effective traditional Chinese medicinal ointment.

These are much better than these clean medicinal patches they now use which are really useless because they are purified of medicinal effects.

Old Madame, you might have to endure a little discomfort.”

“This is nothing.

When we were young, our hometown used this sort of ointment.

It didnt look good, but it worked well.”

“Thats the truth.

Traditional Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats the root cause.

Western medicine is quick and effective.

I only have a surface knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Western medicine is my area of expertise.

Old Madame, please believe that your disease will be cured.”

Mu Feichi had helped her so much, and she wanted to give medical treatment to his relatives the very best she could.

It didnt matter if she had to face all kinds of doubts, as long as she had a clear conscience.

It wasnt yet lunchtime, and everyone was curious about the little girl brought home by Mu Feichi.

After the Old Madame incident, nobody had any intention of doing background checks anymore.

Instead, after hearing about her understanding of Chinese medicine, several elders in the family concerned about their own health couldnt hold back their curiosity and asked Yun Xi many questions.

At the beginning, they still had some doubts, and they asked some questions they knew the answers to.

When the answers she gave were the same as that of their doctors, they were amazed.

Whenever an elder asked her something, Mu Feichi would introduce them to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi gradually realized that all the identities of these high-ranking officials and dignitaries were of people that shed often seen on the TV news.

The Mu family was even more deeply established than shed thought…and even more unfathomable.

With Mu Feichis background, even if Si Wenxuan was dating him, he would be considered out of her league.

Not to mention her!

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