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Chapter 738: With You There, That Will Be Home

The villa on the top of the mountain covered a very large area.

From the place where they parked to the terrace at the entrance to the house was an extremely long distance.

The walk to the house was covered by a boardwalk, under which was a uniquely designed circular pool.

During this season, there was only water in the pool; no trace of the many fish that lived there in warm weather remained.

There was also an ancient heavy bronze gate.

There were many cherry trees planted surrounding the home.

However, now that it was winter, except for the snowflakes on the ground, everything looked bleak.

The villa was a combination of Chinese and Western architectural styles.

The designer had placed carved jacaranda blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Its combination of black, white, and brown made the villa look antique, yet with a modern air.

Compared with the Mu familys residence at the foot of the mountain, this villa was more modern.

Yun Xi had never expected that, as the head of the Mu family, he would have his own separate house as part of the Mu family complex.

“Young Marshal, do you usually live here when you come home”

Mu Feichi shook his head.

“Only after I took over the position as the ruler did the construction of this place begin.

It was only completed last year.

Most of the time, Ive lived at the Mu Mansion.

I dont like to stay here much.

Every ruler has his own place.

The Mu familys house is the main residence, and it is renovated every year.”

Yun Xi turned her head to look at him while thinking that the privacy of the Mu Mansion was indeed better than here, and the security and defense were better there too.

“What about the Chinese New Year Do you stay here or go to the Mu Mansion” She had to ask, so that he wouldnt be absent when she went there to pay him a New Years greeting visit.

“I accompany my elders to dinner every New Years Eve, then return to the Mu Mansion afterward.”

“Dont you celebrate the New Year at the Mu familys main residence”

“The Mu Mansion is also my home.”

“The place where you have your relatives is home.

Theres only the butler and Great White at the Mu Mansion.

Dont you feel lonely during the New Years”

Even the chefs only went up the mountain to cook if he was at home.

Even if his special team was on the mountain, he was always alone on top of the mountain.

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly and looked at her with his hands thrust in his pockets.

His eyes were aloof and deep.

“This year is going to be different.

Arent you coming to visit me for New Years With you there, that will be home.”

“…” It was just a casual sentence, but it inexplicably made her heart ache a little.

She felt soft-hearted, and her heart felt deeply stirred.

With you there, that will be home.

One flirtatious sentence was enough to put her head in the clouds.

This mans gentleness was really irresistible.

After a long time, she blushed and squeezed out a sentence that even she didnt know if it sounded exasperated or coquettish, “Then what if I dont come”

“If you dont come, then I will go down to pay you a New Years greeting visit.”

Very well, he was able to render her speechless with one sentence.

Later, as they were going down the mountain, Mu Feichis cell phone suddenly rang.

The road was relatively steep, so he couldnt answer the phone and told Yun Xi to answer it.

Yun Xi glanced at the caller ID and said, “Its instructor Zilan.”

“Then answer it! Ask her whats the matter.”

“Okay.” When she answered the phone, the person on the other end heard her voice, but didnt seem surprised.

“Tell the Young Marshal that something has happened.”

Yun Xi froze, turned sideways, and put the phone to Mu Feichis ear.

Li Zilan continued on the other end, “I just received the news that Crocodile is bringing people into the country from Y City.

Things are blowing up.

The anti-narcotics department and border police are already taking precautions and deploying security.

The President wants you to go there.”

“I got it.” Mu Feichi answered calmly.

The Chinese New Year was almost upon them.

If he had to go to deal with this matter involving Crocodile, he probably wouldnt be able to return for New Years.

He stopped the car at the foot of the mountain.

He turned to look at her, as she also looked back at him.

He couldnt help but raise his hand to touch her head.

“Crocodile has shown up in Y City, and they need me urgently to deal with the matter.

Im afraid I wont be able to wait for you to pay me a New Years visit.”

Yun Xi froze, then smiled at him brightly.

“Its okay, we can make up for it after you come back.”

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