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Chapter 739: Its Not Too Late for Me to Kiss Up to You Now, Is It?

Yun Xi returned to the Mu family home to explain all the details of her treatment to the old lady.

Mu Feichi had to go to the Presidential Palace so he called Jiang Chenghuan to escort her home.

As soon as Mu Feichi had left, Mu Chenhao, who was extremely curious about Yun Xi, came downstairs.

“Girl, I heard that you were my brothers girlfriend, right You look like a minor.”

“Who are you calling girl I am older than you, so you should call me older sister.” Yun Xi patted Mu Chenhao on the head.

Mu Feichi acted so sternly in front of his half-brother, so of course she couldnt do anything to make him lose face.

Mu Chenhao squinted at her and smiled.

His boyish, cheerful, innocent face was full of joy.

He shouted at her, “Sister-in-law!”

“…” Yun Xi was at a loss for words.

Jiang Chenghuan leaned over, smiled, and patted Mu Chenhao on the shoulder.

The two looked as if they were good buddies.

“Bro, youre quite sharp! Let me tell you, if you want to have a better relationship with your brother, you have to kiss up to your sister-in-law first.

Your brother listens to her a lot.”

“Really” Mu Chenhao glanced at Jiang Chenghuan, then looked at Yun Xi with childish admiration and envy in his eyes.

“Well, its not too late for me to kiss up to you now, is it”

“Then you might as well directly tell me what you want from your brother.

I will do my best to help you get it.”

“Are you really that kind”

“Do I look unkind”

“Well, you seem a little better than the Presidents daughter.”

“Youre quite perceptive.” Yun Xi was amused by his witty comments.

This kid seemed simple-minded and innocent, much like Yun Haozhe.

“Now, spill the beans.

You want to kiss up to me so I will help you by putting in a good word for you to your brother Is that right, or is it something else”

“I want my brother to have a better impression of me.

My brother doesnt like me very much, so he never says a word to me when he comes home.”

“Your brother…” Yun Xi remembered Mu Feichis stern demeanor when he gave the butler instructions, and she couldnt help but smile as she said, “Actually, your brother cares a lot about you.

For example, this morning, he asked you to go back into the house to change your clothes before coming down.

Dont you understand his good intentions”

“Huh” Mu Chenhao was a little baffled by her question.

After a while, he scratched his head and asked, “Was he afraid that I would embarrass him”

“He wasnt afraid that you would embarrass him.

He is a man of power and the young marshal of the military.

He is used to being a lone wolf.

He has never cared about the opinions of others, but you are different.

You are his younger brother, no matter where you go, you represent the Mu family.

He has the status of a young marshal and has military merits.

Others will not judge him negatively, but you are different.

Your every move and all your behavior reflect on the cultivation of the Mu family.

If you embarrass yourself, you would also be embarrassing the Mu family.

He wants you to behave well, and thats why hes so stern toward you.

That might make him seem a little cold-hearted, but hes doing all these things to make you more responsible in the future.

Do you understand”

“I understand…” Mu Chenhao nodded his head slowly, as a vague understanding dawned on him.

He had never heard anyone explain his brother to him like this before.

When others comforted him, they always used flattering words.

She spoke very directly, yet her words were very enlightening.

“Okay, now go think about it for yourself.

Time is running out, and I need to leave soon.”

Yun Xi patted him on the head once again.

The young man was only a little bit shorter than she was, and he already had the handsomeness and charm of a young man.

“I will see you off!”

Yun Xi nodded.

Then she turned around and was about to go to say good-bye to Commander Mu and the Old Master, when she realized that Commander Mu and Madame Mu had come into the room at some point and were standing behind her.

Commander Mu looked at her with admiration in his eyes.

“The Old Madames illness has been cured, all thanks to you.” Commander Mu stepped forward and handed her a certificate.

“From tomorrow on, you may come any time to the Mu familys home and visit.

Feel free to mention if you need anything.”

Yun Xi glanced at the green pass, and, thinking that she would probably be coming to the Mu familys home in the future, she didnt refuse it.

She nodded politely and took it.

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