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Chapter 742: She Was His Pillar

Yun Xi looked down at the crumpled red envelope in her hand, then looked up at the man in front of her.

She felt inexplicably distressed and touched at the same time.

He had rushed back all this way on New Years Eve just to give her a red envelope and pay her a New Years greeting.

This man was adorably straightforward, and the more he was like this, the more she felt attracted to him.

Gritting her teeth, she took a deep breath, and after a while she smiled and said, “Young Marshal, why are you back Did you catch Crocodile”

“Were still searching for him.

Didnt you say that you would give me your New Years greetings on the first day of the Lunar New Year I will go home and wait for you to come and give me a New Years greeting.”

“Wouldnt it be the same if I simply called you to offer you a New Years greeting”

“How can that be the same I want you to come and greet me in person.”

More important, he wanted to see her as much as possible.

This was the first New Years they would be able to spend together since they had met.

Hed missed many of the firsts in her life.

Since hed appeared in her life, he wanted to take possession of all her firsts.

In order to satisfy him after hed come back all this way to listen to her New Years greetings, Yun Xi deliberately said a few more New Year greetings, which amused Mu Feichi.

“Young Marshal, have you eaten yet It takes at least three or four hours to get back from Y City by car and plane, right”

“Not yet, but I missed the New Years Eve dinner anyway, so whatever…”

“Let me cook some dumplings for you.

There are dumplings downstairs, so you wait here.

I will cook them for you.”

“Okay.” Mu Feichi nodded, watched her go out, then turned around and sat down in her chair.

He flipped through her class notes on the table.

After a while, Yun Xi brought up a bowl of steaming dumplings.

Mu Feichi looked at the steaming dumplings in front of him, and his eyes were moistened by their heat.

After so many years, ever since his mother had died, no one had cooked dumplings for him.

Yun Xi was the first one.

She was gentle and caring, worthy of being his future wife.

The life hed envisioned, the person he wanted to be with, was now beside him.

It was she who had made him feel that his life of risking death on the battlefield had gradually gained a different meaning.

Because he now had something to look forward to.

He no longer looked upon death as going home, but had become more cautious and thoughtful when dealing with events.

Now she was his pillar.

He had already put her on the same scale as the country.

No matter when or where, she would be an inseparable part of him.

“What are you sitting there in a daze for Eat!” Yun Xi took a small dish of vinegar from the tray and pushed it in front of him.

“I made these dumplings.

They look ugly, but they taste pretty good.

I added a little bit of herbs to them.

The family didnt eat them because they didnt like the taste.”

“I will definitely taste them.” Lowering his head, he picked up his chopsticks and tasted her dumplings.

They were indeed very special and different from what he had eaten before.

He finished the large bowl of dumplings quickly.

Even after having dinner on the plane, he was sure that that food hadnt been as delicious as these dumplings had tasted in his mouth.

Yun Xi had gone down to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes.

Then she went upstairs to her room.

She looked at the man who had fallen asleep in her chair.

Perhaps it was because his clothes and coat were all dirty, but he hadnt climbed into the bed as he usually did, but had fallen asleep leaning back in the chair.

His handsome face looked full of fatigue.

In order to hunt down Crocodile and let everyone celebrate New Years with peace of mind, they probably hadnt rested for several days.

As soldiers, they bore heavy responsibilities and obligations.

She sighed slightly and walked forward.

Her cold little hands touched his face.

Mu Feichi was always on the alert, so he woke up quickly.

“You can take off your clothes and have a good rest or go back to Mu Mansion.”

It was rare that she didnt try to drive him away.

Of course, Mu Feichi wouldnt be so stupid as to miss this opportunity to be with her by running back to Mu Mansion.

He quickly took off his jacket and pants, picked up the quilt, and climbed into the bed.

Yun Xi looked at how eager he was to get into her bed and knew that he had been playing the pity card.

She really wanted to bite off her tongue.

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