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Chapter 743: I Just Dont Like It, Okay?

After looking at him for a long time, she crawled into the other side of the bed and lay down.

Facing away from the man behind her, her nerves tightened and she didnt dare move.

Even if she didnt move, it didnt mean that the man behind her wouldnt move.

Mu Feichi immediately approached her.

He rested his chin on her shoulder and his big powerful hands clasped her slender waist.

“Honey, who are you going to pay a New Years greeting visit to today”

Today was the first day of the Chinese New Year.

According to Jingdus customs, most people chose this time to go out to pay their New Year greetings visits to relatives and friends.

Yun Xis body was completely tense, and she didnt move an inch.

She said in a sullen voice, “Im going to visit the Chen family and the Jiang family to give my New Years greetings.”

“All right, but get home early.

Dont stay outside for too long.

I dont want to see you hanging out too long with Chen Yichen or Jiang Henglin.

Its upsetting to me.”

“You wont see it anyway, so whats upsetting about it”

“I just dont like it, okay”

“…” Fine, whatever you say…

“Im going back to Y City tomorrow.

I might be busy until I catch Crocodile.

Dont run around a lot in Jingdu.”

“Hmm…” Yun Xi closed her eyes and murmured..

“Wait for me to come back.”

“Of course…”

He didnt know if she had fallen asleep yet, but he turned and kissed her on the neck.

Then he didnt move anymore.

He simply closed his eyes and hugged her to sleep.

He had been hunting down Crocodile and his group of mercenaries for several days, and none of the three special forces teams hed taken with him had had any good rest.

Because Crocodile had entered the country again, they couldnt go home for New Years.

This account would be settled after he catches Crocodile!

On New Years morning, when Yun Xi woke up, Mu Feichi was no longer by her side.

She turned and glanced at the crumpled red envelope on the bedside table.

She didnt open it, but pulled out her safe from under the bed.

She put the red envelope in the safe and locked it.

Today, she was going to visit the Jiang family and the Chen family to offer her New Years greetings.

Her second aunt had lent her a driver to take her to their homes.

Yun Xi took the medicine for the treatment of cold uterine pregnancy and various gifts and went straight to the Jiang familys home.

At the door of the Jiang familys home, the butler respectfully welcomed her into the house.

As soon as she entered the living room, she saw Grandfather Jiang and Grandmother Jiang sitting there.

Grandmother Jiang was still as hostile as ever.

When she saw Yun Xi, she snorted coldly and turned her head away as if she didnt want to even see her.

Jiang Qilin was also there, and he couldnt help but notice her.

For this New Years day, she was wearing a red wool beret, a red-and-white houndstooth wool coat with a large collar, and a maroon turtleneck sweater.

She looked festive, charming, and alluring.

At her young age, there wasnt the slightest bit of gloominess on her vivacious face and her eyes were so clear that actually no one could help staring at her.

It was no wonder that the haughty Young Marshal was attracted to her.

He probably wasnt the only one who was attracted to a girl like her.

“Grandpa Jiang, Happy New Year! I wish you good health and good luck for the New Year.”

“Good, good! Little Yun Xi, I didnt expect you to be the first one to pay me New Years greetings this year.

Grandfather Jiang is very happy.”

Grandfather Jiang took out the prepared red envelope from his coat and handed it to her while saying a few words of blessing.

Yun Xi took it politely, bowed to the old man, then politely greeted the old lady who was disdainful of her.

She treated others how others treated her.

Jiang Henglin, who had heard something was going on, came down from upstairs.

When he saw Yun Xi, his facial expression suddenly became unsightly.

He snorted coldly and walked over to the sofa to sit down.

Although he doesnt like this girl, she still insists on appearing in front of him.

How annoying!

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