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Chapter 745: He Calmed Down

When it came to the Shen familys New Years greetings, several of the Shen gentlemen were there in the living room.

They were probably waiting for her to arrive, Yun Xi was taken aback to see the crowd.

The Shen familys rarely seen Second Master, Shen Ziyuan, was also there.

This man was famous in the business world.

In her last life, Yun Xi wanted to establish ties with him but never had the opportunity to do so.

She was in awe of how in this life, she could establish ties with a distinguished family like the Shen family.

The Old Madam made her stay for lunch at the Shen familys house.

Yun Xi looked at the time and couldnt refuse.

She had no other choice.

She stepped out after lunch.

Shen Yichen personally sent her to the door and gave her a red envelope with a hundred yuan in it.

“Yun Xi, this is a New Year red envelope for you.”

“Thank you, Eldest Heir.” Yun Xi looked at the plain paper, red envelope and was a little surprised.

“You really dont need me to send you back home” Shen Yichen looked at her, and was reluctant to let her go back so early.

Since he was off from work because of the New Years, Shen Yichen was feeling bored and restless.

Seeing Yun Xi come to visit his family made him feel calmer.

“No, the drivers car is already at the door.

I can just take the drivers car and go back.”

Shen Yichen reluctantly let her get in the car, and watched her drive out of the villa area.

He just stood there for a long time, not wanting to move away.

Outside the villa, Jiang Qilins car was already waiting at the door, and seeing Yun XIs car driving out, he ordered Jing Yi to drive over.

After being stopped, Yun Xi looked at the car outside, then at Jing Yi, who got out of the drivers seat.

She told her own driver to go off without her.

She then climbed into Jiang Qilins car.

After she got in the car, Jiang Qilin handed her a kraft paper bag.

“This is the inspection report that just came out.

Take a look.”

Yun Xi knew that he didnt want to delay even for a moment, so she quickly opened the paper bag and looked through it.

She looked at the thick pile of paper carefully.

All these reports would take many weeks for ordinary people to get their hands on.

Jiang Qilin got it in only a few hours.

Rich people really had a lot of backdoors.

The specific recovery situation was much better than she expected.

Although he had given up hope and hasnt been doing any rehabilitation in the past two years, the hard work of the previous year had built a good foundation for him.

Coupled with Jing Yis care, his leg muscles did not atrophy, so with her continued treatment, he will very likely be able to stand up!

“The situation is better than I expected.

According to this inspection report, I can tell you that the chance of you being cured is 70%, but it also depends on your perseverance.

I think that since Oldest Young Master Jiang has experienced so much, perseverance shouldnt be a problem for you, right”

“As long as I can stand up, I dont care what the price is.

Miss Yun.

As for what you want, I can fulfill it.”

Yun Xi shrugged.

“I dont lack anything so far.

To treat your leg, you just need to prepare everything I need.”

“That is no problem.

Just tell Jing Yi what you need, and he will prepare everything.”

“Okay.” Yun Xi asked Jing Yi for a pen and paper, then wrote down the most likely needed things one by one, and added her phone number along the way.

“This treatment might take a long time, and it also depends on how well you recover.

Oldest Young Master Jiang, you might need more patience.”

“After so many years, I no longer care about the length of time!”

“Alright, lets start the day after tomorrow.

I dont have any plans to go out during the New Year anyway.

However, I will need to travel abroad to receive an award in a week.

The treatment time cannot be interrupted.


“I will let Jing Yi book the plane ticket, and I will come with you.”

Yun Xi thought about it for a while, then nodded.

“Being away means things might get a little problematic.

So youll need to endure some trouble.”

“Youre the one going through the trouble!” Jiang Qilin smiled, took a red envelope from his pocket, and handed it to her, “Happy New Year!”

“Thank you, Oldest Young Master Jiang!” Everyone treated her as a child anyway and gave her new years money, so she had no reason to refuse!

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