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Chapter 748: Heartwarming Little Deeds Slowly Intoxicated Him

The first day of the Lunar New Year was a day when relatives came to visit.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, Auntie returned to her familys house.

Just after breakfast, Yun Xi received a call from Mu Feichi asking her to go to Tianyu Mountain.

She exited the house and sneaked to the guard post while her family was not paying attention.

After Yun Chuhans questioning the last time it happened, Yun Xi was a lot more cautious when going up the mountain.

She made sure that she did not leave any trail.

She took the New Year gift that was placed there by the guard at the door, and she quickly walked up the mountain.

The guards at the door were all trained by Mu Feichis special team, and they followed Young Marshal Mus commands.

Whenever she went up the mountain, they would clear the trail behind her.

At the entrance of the Mu Mansion, Yun Xi had just stepped out of the car when Great White heard the sound of the car.

It ran from the courtyard to the side of the iron gate.

Seeing that it was her, it pulled the unlocked door and ran out of the yard.

“Great White!” Yun Xi carried the gift in one hand, and touched Great Whites head with the other.

When she looked up, she saw the figure standing on the balcony of the second floor.

She raised her head and smiled at him slightly.

“Young Marshal!” Although they hadnt seen each other for only one day, she felt as if they hadnt seen each other in a long time.

Today was the second day of the Lunar New Year.

She went to visit him to officially pay him a New Year greeting.

Naturally, her etiquette should not be too casual.

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Come in! Its cold outside!”

With that said, he also turned around and went downstairs.

The butler heard the voice and had already arrived at the door to greet her.

“Happy New Years, butler! This is for you!” Yun Xi handed over the gift bag she had brought over.

The butler saw that he also had a gift, and was a little surprised.

He hurriedly thanked her.

Mu Feichi came downstairs and looked at the figure standing on the edge of the stairs.

She carried a bag in her hand and handed it over.

He lowered his eyes slightly and asked with a half-hearted smile, “For me”

“Thats right! I cant come empty-handed when I come to pay New Years greetings.”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly.

He stretched out his hand to open the bag, and pulled out the fluffy roll inside.

It was a military green scarf.

He lowered his eyes and took a closer look.

Made of pure wool, the scarf was very simple, and it didnt look like something one could buy outside.

He couldnt help but raise his head and ask, “You knitted it”

Yun Xi nodded.

“When I was memorizing vocabulary and study materials in the evening, I had nothing else to do so I knitted it.

The craftsmanship is very ordinary and ugly.

If you dont like it, Ill take it back…”

“Well, I really like it! You knitted it yourself, so I have to wear it no matter how ugly it is!”

As he said so, he passed the empty bag to the butler and wrapped the scarf around his neck.

The room was fully heated, and coupled with the fluffy scarf in his hand, he suddenly felt his entire heart warmed up.

His little rascal was willing to cook and knit a scarf just for him.

These heartwarming little deeds slowly intoxicated him and made him unable to resist her.

Yun Xi squinted her eyes and admired his casual appearance.

When he was at home, he usually wore loose and casual cardigans and jackets.

When he wore the scarf, his already tall and slender figure appeared more upright.

She didnt know who such a good-looking man would belong to in the future.

It wasnt that she had never thought about it, but she was still unqualified to stand beside him.

Even if she tried to catch up with him, it would take a long time.

“How is it Does it look good”

Yun Xi nodded, then joked bluntly, “Scarves look better on good-looking people!”

“Of course! My babes craftsmanship isnt bad.” He raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Come to the dining room with me, and I will tell you about Crocodile.”


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