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Chapter 749: If You Want To Stand By My Side, You Can Use Your Strength To Prove Yourself!

After listening to Mu Feichis narrating his plan, Yun Xi tilted her head.

She was visibly confused.

“Young Marshal, luring Crocodile out with this plan of yours wont be easy right Look, every time Crocodile commits a crime, you have to find his whereabouts and then rush out to deal with it.

On both occasions, your efforts were in vain.

He obviously expected that you wont just stand by after he commits a crime, and every time, he escapes before you arrive.

Do you think theres a problem with your intelligence network”

Mu Feichi paused, put down his chopsticks, and looked at her seriously.

“Are you saying we have a mole”

Yun Xi nodded.

“He heard the explosion of the minefield the last time I was kidnapped and he managed to get away, but what about this time Theres no way he could have predicted the timing so perfectly every time were about to catch him.

The only way for him to succeed over and over again is if he had help from a mole.

If thats the case, wouldnt it be better to lure them both out and annihilate them in one fell swoop Theyre now in Jingdu and they have a team of mercenaries behind them.

They force cannot be underestimated.

Its still the Spring Festival holiday in Jingdu.

As the Young Marshal, if something big happens, you will not only humiliate yourself, but also the military.”

Yin Xu noted that Mu Feichi was listening to her intently.

She reassured him by gently patting his face, and kindly reminded him not to humiliate himself.

And she also knew that with his many years of experience on the battlefield, there were many ways he could deal with a villain such as Crocodile.

Every time, he lost his cool because of her.

This time, she also wanted to solve the big problem of Crocodile as soon as possible, and she didnt want to be his weakness anymore.

“I will let Li Zilan deal with the mole problem in the intelligence department, and there should be results soon.

However, I dont agree with you using yourself as bait!”

He raised his hand and touched her head.

His face was clearly smiling, but his dark eyes were sharp and gloomy, “Dont even think about that!”

Let him use his own woman as bait What a joke! He, Mu Feichi, wasnt so incompetent!

“Young Marshal, you should at least consider it.

Since his goal is to capture me, Ill always be in danger as long as hes out there.

Even if you hire people to protect me, you cant guarantee that there wont be any problems.

Rather than being so worried all the time, itd be better if you take decisive action quickly and solve the problem immediately.

Wouldnt that be better!”

Knowing that she couldnt persuade him, she had to soften her voice and use various tactics to persuade him.

“A grown man like you shouldnt be so fussy and nagging all the time.

I dont want to be your weakness every time.

Thats not good for you.

You are a Young Marshal.

You have your responsibilities but I also have responsibilities that I should bear.

I am not a pushover, and I am not that easy to be dealt with! If you dont believe me, then youre a liar when you when you say that Im qualified to stand by your side!”

After she fired back, Mu Feichi was a little bit dumbfounded!

She tried to be both gently coaxing and angrily provoking in her attempt to convince him.

He immediately understood what she was thinking.

He wanted her to be qualified to stand alongside him, but he didnt want to use such dangerous methods.

“Babe, the provocation method is useless against me.” He raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Its not that I dont believe you, but you are still a long way away from fighting side by side with me.

I cant let you take risks.”

“Any experience or skill is obtained from training and practice.

But how can I do that when you wont even give me a chance!”

She looked at him with determination in her eyes.

With regard to the problem concerning Crocodile, she was unwilling to compromise or give in.

She and Crocodile have fought each other before.

Although they have never actually met, she was always his main target.

She was obliged to help Mu Feichi to finish him off as soon as possible to prevent him from getting more unruly!

“Only at this time will you admit that you have been unwilling to face reality.

If you want to stand by my side, you can use your strength to prove yourself!”

Mu Feichi sighed slightly, and agreed to her proposal, provided that he would arrange everything so she wouldnt get hurt.

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