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Chapter 750: You Can Only Catch Him If Youre Alive

Yun Xi sat cross-legged on the sofa as she pondered Mu Feichis plans and arrangements.

When she looked up, she was surprised to see the figure standing by the doorway.

“Youve been lost in thought for quite some time now.

Have you found any problems yet” Mu Feichi asked.

“Yes, especially regarding the details and personnel arrangements.” She raised her hand and handed him the papers with the arrangements she had planned.

She smiled and said jokingly, “Actually, I am quite curious about the skills of Qi Yuan and Feng Rui.

Both of them are majors! They have become majors at such a young age.

Im sure a lot of people think they dont deserve it, right”

“Initially, everyone assumed that they were promoted to major because they were on my side.

But later on…”

Mu Feichi paused, raised his head, and looked closely at her.

He then lowered his head and continued looking at her revised plans.

He carried on speaking while reading: “As time went on, people continued to provoke them.

But once everyone realized their abilities, no one dared to question them again.

Why Are you questioning them too”

“Of course not!” Yun Xi shook her head.

“Theyre the ones who spend the most time with you.

Not only do they listen to you and carry out your orders, but theyre also very low-key.

They probably have deep, hidden potential, so I will never doubt or question their intentions.”

Mu Feichi smiled.

“There is no big problem with personnel changes.

I will let Li Zilan issue the instruction later.

But…do you really plan to cure Jiang Qilin”

“Its a pity for such an excellent talent to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

And that scumbag Jiang Henglin keeps giving me trouble again and again.

If I cure his brother, hell never act so arrogant in front of me ever again.”

“If you really manage to cure Jiang Qilin, then Im afraid Jiang Hengling will hate you.

But thats probably for the best, since I can take advantage of the situation and cancel the marriage contract between the two of you.

Then you wont be able to keep brushing me off by saying youre Jiang Henglins fiancée!”

“…” Yun Xi blinked.

She didnt know how to respond to this.

“Anyway, since you chose the seaside villa arranged by Jiang Henglin, you must first familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment.

If there is a conflict, you will have to face two things that you cant really plan for.”

“What are the two tings” Looking at him in a puzzled manner, Yun Xi dazedly raised her head.

“Firstly, a blind, stray bullet.

Second, the sea.

Dont forget, you arent as good of a swimmer as I am.

No matter what happens at the critical moment, dont think about anything else besides preserving your life, understand”

“I understand,” Yun Xi nodded.

“I cherish my life!”

“It doesnt matter if you cant catch Crocodile, since there will always be other opportunities, but you only have one life! You can only catch him if youre alive.”

“I get it.

Its your responsibility to catch Crocodile.

Im only responsible for luring him out.

If you guys cant deal with it, I will make a move.”

Of course, she will certainly not just sit by and wait.

That wasnt her M.O.

And she had been learning from Mu Feichi for so long, so how can she not use her skills when they are in need

Meanwhile, as they were chatting, Li Zilan walked in wearing a black leather jacket, trousers and boots.

The only color on her was a sexy green eye shadow and fiery red lip gloss.

The unique finishing touch complemented her glamorous face.

She really appeared dazzling!

“Sorry to interrupt your PDA.” Li Zilan rolled her eyes.

She puled up a chair and sat down.

Mu Feichi handed her the altered personnel arrangement.

“This is the preliminary plan.

Look through it! If theres nothing wrong with it, you can go ahead and carry out orders!”

Li Zilan didnt even look at the altered personnel arrangement in her hand.

She just laughed in a mocking manner.

“I wasnt even that much of a third wheel yet youre already chasing me away so soon! Tsk tsk…youre as unreasonable as ever!”

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