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Chapter 752: Use The Rest Of Your Life As Collateral To Me!

Naturally, the people under his command wouldnt dare to disobey Mu Feichis ban, but this wasnt a long-term solution.

Si Wenxuan came to seek her out at his place.

If one day, she went to Yun Yuanfeng and exposed Yun Xis relationship with the Young Marshal to him, she might not be able to explain things to Yun Yuanfeng.

Instead of being so passive, it was better to take the initiative to attack.

She had never liked being threatened or being passively restrained, so she had to find a way to let Yun Yuanfeng know about the “ordinary relationship” between her and the Young Marshal, so it wouldnt be exposed by Si Wenxuan and compromise her in the future.

Sitting in the car, Yun Xi thought about it.

Although she didnt like to trouble Mu Feichi, she still had to ask him for help to solve this matter.

After doubting herself over and over again, Yun Xi finally turned to the Young Marshal, who was sitting in the drivers seat.

“Young Marshal, I may have to ask you to play along with me in this plan.”

When Mu Feichi wasnt wearing his military uniform, he looked more peaceful and aloof, unlike when he was wearing the solemn military outfit.

This aloofness wasnt over-confidence or arrogance.

Instead, it carried an unspeakable sense of elegance and sophistication.

He looked really pleasing to the eye!

“Are you asking me for help” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, then emphasized the word “ask” to make things sound more exaggerated.

“Well, what are you giving me in return”

“…” Yun Xi squinted slightly, then glared at him angrily.

“What does the Young Marshal want! I have a lot of money this year, so I should be able to afford to ask you for a favor.”

Mu Feichis face darkened, and he seemed to be offended by her.

“Do I look like someone who lacks money”

“Then I have nothing to exchange for a favor!”

“Im sure you have something I want.” He started setting up a trap and waited for her to fall into it.

Yun Xi knew that he had no good intentions, so she gritted her teeth and squeezed the words out between her teeth, “For example!”

Mu Feichi stopped the car on the mountain road, turned sideways, and looked at her seriously.

With a deep and serious expression, he looked as if he was making an announcement on a commendation stage.

That serious expression commanded great respect from people who looked at him.

“Babe, use the rest of your life as collateral to me! Dont worry, I will be responsible for you!”

This answer obviously surpassed Yun Xis expectations.

Her heart started beating wildly, and she couldnt calm down.

Although Mu Feichi never concealed his feelings for her, he always flirted with her playfully, so she never dared to take him seriously.

If she were to take him seriously, she might start to develop feelings for him.

And if he ever had a change of heart in the future, she wasnt sure whether she would be able to tolerate the pain of betrayal.

But this time, he was so serious about making stipulations with her, as if there was a ceremony more important than being awarded the title of Young Marshal.

He put her on the same scale as that honor.

For a moment, she suddenly felt that something in the bottom of her heart was being unearthed.

At that moment, there was something stirring in her heart.

She looked at his handsome face that couldnt be more serious.

She didnt say anything to refuse.

It took a long time for her to squeeze out a coquettish complaint, “It sounds like youre bribing me.”

“If I bribed you, would you agree”

She didnt refuse or agree, so this sentence seemed to give him hope.

“Do you dare to do anything to me” Yun Xi glared at him irritably, as if he wouldnt dare to do anything to her since she was still a minor.

Yet this move was effective against Mu Feichi, and he was helpless towards her!

He gently curled his lips, raised his hand, and rubbed her head.

His dark eyes were filled with tenderness that only she could understand.

“Dont be anxious, babe.

Ill wait for your coming-of-age ceremony…”

“…” She was actually looking forward to the coming-of-age ceremony too.

When she becomes an adult, she will be eligible to inherit the Yun family.

When that happens, she will lead the Yun family to greater heights.

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