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Chapter 753: Go Through Life And Death With Me

Mu Feichis intelligence department was not located on the main mountain of Tianyu Mountain.

One needed to enter and exit from the secret entrance at Tianyu Mountain.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi traveled all the way from the bumpy road at the foot of the mountain to yet another mountain within the area.

Among the five big mountains that the President gave to Mu Feichi, the Mu Mansion was built on the top of Tianyu Mountain.

Another mountain housed a training camp, while another one was the location of Mu Feichis most hidden intelligence department.

As for what was on the remaining two mountains… Yun Xi didnt dare to ask.

Each secure location was armed with military checkpoints and sentries.

Surveillance cameras captured every move and transmitted them directly to the monitoring room.

She also found out that there were radar systems in some hidden corners around the training camp.

The trees and grass were camouflaged.

This was a blind spot on the map.

Once there was any intrusion, the radar could detect it in advance.

If his training camp still carried small missiles, anyone who wanted to invade Tianyu Mountain from the air would be completely finished off.

She couldnt help turning her head to look at the man in the drivers seat.

No one knew how much military power and strength this man had!

It was possible for him to do almost anything he wanted, even be the president!

Although he was still young, in the military, he had the authority that rivaled that of the president.

No wonder a lot of people were envious of his power!

Even though the current president and the Mu family were family friends, in the past, there was a life-saving favor between the two parties.

If anyone were to deliberately drive a wedge between the families, the seemingly peaceful relationship would be immediately destroyed.

From this point of view, Yun Xis precautions and the favor she got for him wasnt unfounded.

Yun Xi got out of the car and looked at the cave entrance.

It was concealed by a camouflage net.

She turned to look at the Mu Feichi, who was standing next to her.

“Is this your intelligence department”

“Yes, lets go in.

Maybe you can see your acquaintance today.”

“Acquaintance” Yun Xi blinked, “Who Is there someone I know who works in your intelligence department”

“Werent you the one who referred him to me” Mu Feichi paused and looked at her.

He then clasped her wrist and led her inside.

“Young Marshal, I can walk on my own!” She tried to pull back her hand from his hold.

His grip, however, grew tighter and tighter, and he looked very self-righteous.

“You need to follow me closely or youll get lost.

There are many secret mechanisms and hidden traps around here.

If you step on them by accident, both of us will suffer! Babe, I have no problem with you wanting to go through life and death with me, but falling for ones own trap would be too stupid.”

“…” Very good, this excuse made her unable to refute or refuse him.

There was only one large passage from the entrance of the cave, and it was about five to six-meter high.

The passage branched off into three separate paths, with a sign hung above each entryway.


Current affairs.


The three signs represented three areas.

There should be dedicated personnel responsible for each.

The military was in the center, current affairs was on the left, and the media was on the right.

Current affairs involved all the mainstream news in politics.

The military was their internal department, and consisted of sea, land and air forces.

The media had the internal information of the entire nation, including information on the prominent families and the business world.

It was no wonder that when she wanted the information of the four distinguished families, he could immediately give her the detailed and specific content.

His intelligence department shouldnt be underestimated!

“What do you want to see first” Mu Feichi glanced at her, then asked with a smile.

“Lets go to where I can meet my acquaintance.” He said that her acquaintance was here.

She racked her brains, and her only acquaintance here was probably Xiang Yuanjiu.

There had been no news since he joined Mu Feichis special team, and for months, she didnt know how things had been going.

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