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Chapter 755: Why Do I Feel Like I Have Fallen into a Trap?

After leaving the intelligence department, Yun Xi watched Xiang Yuanjiu, who had sent her all the way to the gates of the mountain, in the rearview mirror.

Then she turned to look at the man beside her.

“Young Marshal, why did you think of sending Xiang Yuanjiu to the intelligence department Youre not short of people in that department, are you”

“Im just making the best of his talents.

When he was a gangster, he was familiar with how to deal with that group of people and knew how to talk to them.

He has strengths that others dont have.

Regarding some matters, he can do them better than others.”

“That seems to be the truth.” If one needed information, beggars used to supply it in ancient times, and now there were gangsters.

It was fairly easy to obtain information from gangsters, either by bribes or threats.

“All right, tomorrow is going to be your battlefield.

How do you plan to set up your scheme”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“What else can we do besides taking measures appropriate to the actual situation Before solving the problem of Crocodile, first we must solve the problem of Si Wenxuan coming to my door.”

“How do you want to solve it I will fully cooperate with you.

After all, babe, you have placed the rest of your life in my hands.

I cant let you suffer.”

Yun Xi glanced at him speechlessly and continued to say solemnly, “Its nothing more than acting in a scene.

You must know how to act as a Young Marshal.

I dont want the relationship between you and me to be used by my dad, let alone have Si Wenxuan expose it to my dad and catch me by surprise.

So, Im going to have to figure out a compromise to find a way to be in control.”

“Thats okay.

I will ask Qi Yuan to go to the Yun familys house to deliver a message, asking you to come up to Tianyu Mountain to treat me.

I will pay you the treatment fee and ask Yun Yuanfeng to keep it a secret.

Even if he wanted to make a fuss, he doesnt have the guts to actually do so.”

“Thats exactly what I thought.”

“Its rare for us to come to such an easy understanding.

Okay, lets do it like this.”

“You promised me so easily.

Why do I feel like I have fallen into a trap”

Yun Xi turned her head abruptly.

Seeming to understand something, she bit her lips and glared at him.

“With this excuse, in the future, when you want me to go to Tianyu Mountain you can ask me openly and I wont be able to refuse even if I dont want to go.”

What a perfect excuse! At any time, even if Yun Yuanfeng didnt question it, she would have to go up the mountain obediently in order to keep up the act.

“Whats wrong If you dont like it, babe, then I can climb in the window instead.

The result will be the same anyway.”

When he wanted to see her, he would see her no matter what he had to do to accomplish his goal.

Yun Xi knew there was no point in arguing with him.

In the end, she couldnt put up a fight against him, so she had stopped saying anything.

“This matter should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

I will have Qi Yuan go to your house this evening.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Got it!”

All they were doing was putting on an act.

They were sure that this simple act would fool her family.

As expected, Qi Yuan came to the door just after she had had dinner.

Qi Yuan introduced himself as soon as he stepped into the living room, and the two words “Young Marshal” frightened Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad! Colonel Qi is talking to you.” Yun Xi pulled at Yuanfengs sleeve to remind him to come back to his senses.

“Oh, sorry, sorry! Colonel Qi, what brings you to our house”

“Deputy Director Yun, its like this.

Our Young Marshal has been injured, and we are anxious.

Ive heard that your Oldest Young Madame has excellent medical skills.

Can you ask her to go up the mountain and give the Young Marshal medical treatment”

“Yes, its okay, of course!” As soon as he heard that Yun Xi had been asked to see a patient, Yun Yuanfeng didnt ask how seriously the Young Marshal had been injured or if he could be cured.

He agreed.

Yun Xi gave Yun Yuanfeng a speechless glance.

In order to establish ties with the Young Marshal, her father acted the same way as he had in her previous life.

Regardless of the consequences, regardless of her wishes, he pushed her toward anyone who could be useful in advancing his career.

“Yun Xi! Hurry up and go with Colonel Qi, so as not to delay the Young Marshals treatment.”

Sitting on the coach, Yun Chuhan couldnt bear it any longer, and ran over in a hurry.

“Dad, I can help my oldest sister.

Let me go too.”

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