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Chapter 757: Seeing Him Was More Difficult Than Reaching the Sky

It was a pity that for the people who Mu Feichi didnt want to see, seeing him was more difficult than reaching the sky.

Yun Chuhan stood at the entrance of the Mu Mansion.

Under the bright lights, she looked at the mansion that was way more luxurious and magnificent than the Yun familys home and almost forgot how she should react.

This was the Mu Mansion, the most mysterious and desirable place to visit, second only to the Presidential Palace.

Everyone who dreamed of becoming Madame Mu wanted to live in this place.

She was no exception.

The military region residence and the Mu Mansion, one on the mountaintop and the other at the foot of the mountain, couldnt be compared.

There was a world of difference between them.

She was trying to imagine what the interior could look like.

The butler led Yun Chuhan and Yun Xi into the house.

As soon as they entered the house, Great White rushed toward Yun Xi.

Yun Chuhan, who was standing next to Yun Xi, was scared by the huge snow leopard.

Her face got pale and her legs trembled as she stepped back.

But then Great White threw himself in Yun Xis arms and turned his head toward the stranger, gnashing his teeth and roaring.

Yun Chuhans eyes widened in horror.

She screamed and fell on the wooden floor with her mouth agape.

The butler had been watching all this, and he hurriedly walked over to pull Great White away from Yun Xis arms.

“Great White, you cant be so rude.

Go, go upstairs!”

The butler patted Great Whites head and dragged him to the stairs and pushed him upstairs.

Great White glanced at Yun Xi reluctantly and finally went upstairs obediently.

Yun Xi turned around and pulled Yun Chuhan to her feet..

“Okay, hes gone now.

See how scared you got.”

“Sister, you…why arent you afraid Thats a leopard! It can eat people!”

“A pet that the Young Marshal raised should be friendly toward humans.

The more you are afraid, the more aggressive it will be.

Its like when you encounter a snake.

If you dont provoke it, it wont bite you.”

“I…I have never seen anyone raise a leopard as a pet.

I was just so scared…”

Yun Xi glanced at her.

Yun Chuhan had actually been bolder than she had been.

She had fainted the first time shed seen Great White.

The butler looked at Yun Xi politely.

“Miss Yun, the medicine kit is ready.

You should go on up first, as for her…”

The butler glanced at Yun Chuhan, and Yun Xi hurriedly explained, “This is my third sister.”

“In order not to disturb the Young Marshal, youre going to have to wait in the living room.”

Yun Chuhan looked at Yun Xi a little unwillingly.

Does the butler mean to leave her in the living room the entire time She came up here to see the Young Marshal.

Even if she cant help with the medical stuff, it will be okay with her if she can just watch from the sidelines.

“Sister, I…” Yun Chuhan wanted to say something, but Yun Xi just shook her head at her.

Without changing his expression, the butler said, “The Young Marshals room is not accessible to just anyone.

Miss Yun, please! The first room on the left of the second floor is his room.

Miss, please wait in the living room.”

The butler watched Yun Xi go upstairs, then turned around and went into the dining room to brew a cup of warm water and put it on the coffee table.

He looked like a 100 percent standard and serious butler.

When Yun Chuhan realized that she couldnt go upstairs, although she was resentful, she didnt want to just wait.

She looked around the luxurious living room, and, when she looked at the butler, the expression in her eyes was different.

The butler was already old.

People at this age liked girls who were well-behaved and dignified.

It wouldnt be difficult for her to pretend.

“Are you the butler here”


“How long have you been serving the Young Marshal What does he usually like to do”

“……” As for all the ensuing questions, the butler didnt answer any of them.

After Yun Chuhan was ignored, she felt annoyed but she couldnt flare up in front of the butler, so she could only endure it impatiently.

Upstairs, Yun Xi did not find Mu Feichi in the master bedroom.

She walked directly to the study, which had an open door.

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