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Chapter 76: Ill Break Her Legs!

However, as it was just to buy medicine, Yun Xi refused to accept such an exorbitant amount of money.

Chen Yichen didnt waste any time talking with her about it either.

He took out his card and told her to choose between the card and the cash.

“Little Yun Xi, you have to choose one of these two.

If you dont want the cash, then take my card.”

“Im not your wife.

Why would you give me your card”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him.

She didnt know whether he was too trusting or simply wasnt thinking too much about it.

How could he give out his card so nonchalantly

How could Jiang Wanyun not guess what he was up to upon seeing her son using both threats and temptations

She liked Yun Xi, and she wouldnt mind having a daughter-in-law.

After she took the cash, Jiang Wanyun patted her on the shoulder.

“Yun Xi, please just take it.

If we had to entrust someone else with buying the medicine, the human, material, and financial resources spent might end up being more than this.”

“Okay!” Since she knew she would return whatever money she didnt spend after buying the medicine, it was essentially the same thing.

Upon seeing her agree, Chen Yichen raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Good! I have to go back to work.

You can stay and chat with my mother.”

Yun Xi looked dazed as she touched her disheveled hair.

Why does everyone like to pat her head as if she was a dog

As soon as Yun Ziling returned home, she started crying her eyes out and threw the unwanted gifts on the sofa.

Upon hearing the noise, Liang Xiuqin came downstairs and hurriedly ran to her as soon as she saw her baby girl sobbing.

“What happened What happened Did that wretched girl Yun Xi bully you again”

“Mom! That wretched girl Yun Xi lied to us.

The eldest son doesnt like this brand of racket at all.

Madam Chen didnt even look at her scarf.

She not only made you spend so much money, but she also made me accidentally smash Mrs.

Chens vase.


Chen kicked me out before I even had the chance to enter their house.”

“Dont cry, dont cry!” Liang Xiuqin coaxed her while wiping away her tears.

“Where is that wretched girl”

She was pained that she had had to spend more than 3,000 yuan, and they had removed all the labels so the stuff couldnt even be returned.

It means that they hadnt gotten any favors, and 3,000 yuan had gone down the drain.


Chen made her stay for lunch, but kicked me out.

I went to their house on behalf of the Yun family, but the wretched girl didnt help me at all and watched me get kicked out.

I have suffered a complete embarrassment! Shes not worthy of being my sister.

How heartless of her.

She has no concern for the Yun family at all, only herself.”

“How dare that wretched girl treat you like that and bring shame on the Yun family like this! Just wait till she gets back.

Ill break her legs! What a jinx, how useless.”

Liang Xiuqin became more and more annoyed the more she thought about it.

This wretched girl was exploiting the fact that the Chen family was indebted to her, and she was no longer taking her own family seriously.

Secretly, Liang Xinyi was taking delight in Yun Ziling having been embarrassed and decided to fuel the flame.

“Auntie, clearly that wretched girl Yun Xi deliberately made things difficult for Ziling because she wanted to intimidate you.

If you dont stop her now, she wont ever take you seriously once she has the backing of both the Chen family and the Jiang family.

Ziling is beautiful, so marrying into the Chen family shouldnt be a problem at all.

If Yun Xi has meddled in this matter and ruined things between Ziling and their eldest son, then its all going to be too late.”

“I dont need you to tell me that.

What a bad sister she is.

I shouldnt have given birth to her in the first place.”

She was a jinx! A scourge!

Yun Xi went home after shed finished eating at the Chens house.

On her way home, she realized that Yun Ziling was going to throw a tantrum.

Therefore, she specially brought back the broken vase from Mrs.

Chens home.

Sure enough, as soon she stepped into the living room, Liang Xiuqin, Yun Ziling, and Liang Xinyi were sitting there waiting for her.

They seemed to be waiting for her to come back so they could settle the issue.

“Mom, Im back!”

Without giving any of them the opportunity to speak, Yun Xi slammed the broken vase shed brought back on the tea table.

“This is the vase that second sister broke at the Chen family home.

It is Mrs.

Chens most beloved antique vase.

The butler said it was worth millions.”

Liang Xiuqin snorted coldly without even looking at it.

Yun Ziling had started lying about what happened with the vase as soon as she had returned.

Shed said that Mrs.

Chen didnt seem to care, so naturally shed thought that the vase had been broken by Yun Xi who was trying to pin it on Yun Ziling.

Evidently, Yun Xi had been the culprit.

Otherwise, how could Mrs.

Chen not care about such a precious thing.

“The vase was broken by your second sister because of you, yet you still want to pin this on her You scourge, why are you so shameless”

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