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Chapter 760: Irresistible Man

Back in her room, Yun Xi sat cross-legged on the carpet.

She pulled out the safe from under the bed and opened it.

Then she took out the thick stack of red envelopes that she had received on New Years.

In the countryside, when her uncle had given her a red envelope, her aunt would secretly take it back.

In contrast, this year was the year that she had received the most red envelopes in her life.

She searched for the special red envelope that Chen Yichen had given her, and she pulled out a few sheets of paper.

On the paper was information about the account that hed opened for her and a transfer agreement.

Shed thought it was only tens of thousands of yuan in stock.

She had definitely not expected it to be a 5 percent equity stake in his company.

Based on the current market value of his company, 5 percent of the shares were worth millions of yuan.

Such a large New Years red envelope was a hot potato that she was going to have to deal with.

Looking at the agreement, she sighed.

She understood exactly what Chen Yichen was thinking, but her plans for revenge were destined to disappoint many people.

And, at her current age, it wasnt the right time to talk about these things.

She put the agreement back into the red envelope, turned to the wrinkled red envelope given to her by Mu Feichi, and pulled out a stack of old bills from it.

All the countrys bills had been revised just a few years ago.

The templates of 100 yuan, 50 yuan, and others had been replaced.

The new bills looked lighter in color and werent as bright as the old bills.

She counted them carefully.

There wasnt much money here.

With one blue 100 yuan bill, one yellowish-green 50 yuan bill, and two 10 yuan bills, two 5 yuan bills, and one 2 yuan bill, there was a total of 182 yuan.

It certainly wasnt a lot of money, but these old banknotes were worth collecting.

She looked at these old bills and guessed what Mu Feichi had meant by the red envelope.

If it was for a collection, he would have prepared all the denominations for her, not just these few bills.

So…there was only one explanation.

The money had a special meaning for him.

She suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

She shook violently, then picked up the phone on the bedside table at once in order to call Mu Feichi.

The call was quickly answered.

Mu Feichis calm voice came from the other end, “Babe”

“Young Marshal, regarding the red envelope you gave me, dont tell me it contains the first pot of gold you made in your life”

Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Babe, youre so, so smart!”

“Why give me something of such meaning to you”

Even if it wasnt much money, the first pot of gold hed ever made in his life must have a special meaning for him.

She didnt expect him to be so generous as to give them to her in a New Years red envelope.

“My mother said that the money a man earns must be handed over to his wife for safekeeping.

So, the first sum of money I earned on my own naturally must be handed over to you for safekeeping.

Also, the money I earned in the past few years is on the card.

I dont know how much there is.

When you manage the family in the future, you can spend it for me.

Whatever is mine is yours anyway.”

“Who wants your money” Yun Xi murmured to herself in a displeased voice, but she didnt know how to respond to him.

Shed never thought of asking anything from him, but he always wanted to give her the best things.

Such a flirtatious and irresistible man really made her unable to get angry even if shed wanted to.

“I say it belongs to you, so it belongs to you.” Mu Feichi ended the topic with his usual assertive and domineering attitude.

“Find the time to return what Chen Yichen has given to you.

My woman has no shortage of money, so you dont need his favors.”

“Got it!” Such a precious red envelope was indeed a hot potato.

“Get some rest now.

I will arrange all the rest.”

After hanging up the phone, Yun Xi turned on the computer and entered an address.

She carefully checked the topographical map around this area in order to be as fully prepared as possible.

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