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Chapter 764: Why Are You So Sure That Im Crocodile?

The car stopped at the gate of the villa area, and the security guard stationed there called the owner for permission before letting her drive in.

Yun Xi didnt want to delay Feng Yangs affairs, so she stopped him from escorting her to the gate.

She just told him to just open the gate and she walked in by herself.

Feng Yang watched as she entered the villa, then drove off, heading to the port.

He had bigger plans today.

Catching Crocodile was still their top priority.

Yun Xi walked up the driveway.

She kept in mind the house number that Jiang Qilin had given her, and she checked each house she passed.

Soon, a man in a black coat hurried towards her from from not so far away.

“Miss Yun, Im really sorry.

The Young Marshal asked me to take you to Young Master Jiangs villa!”

Yun Xi sized up the man in front of her.

The special forces under Mu Feichis hands were all first-class special forces.

Their behavior, appearance and speech had a unique military style.

It was an aesthetic that was hard to put a finger on.

One could feel the awe-inspiring aura just by looking at these people.

Ones countenance really was a reflection of ones inner cultivation.

But the man in front of her was different from the special forces members of Tianyu Mountain she had been in contact with.

He had a deliberately suppressed sense of hostility.

The soldiers of Tianyu Mountain rarely had hostile vibes.

No matter how aggressive they were, Mu Feichi would train them till they were worn out.

To borrow Mu Feichis words, “They only have passion and aggression within them.

The passion is for protecting their homes and defending the country.

The aggression is for courageous attacks against the enemy.”

A soldier who was not restrained and could not control their temper, could not qualify as a good soldier.

Although Mu Feichi occasionally got hot-blooded, in many cases, he was more calm and restrained than anyone else.

For example, every time he flirted with her, he could restrain himself.

He was a passionate man and an aggressive soldier.

She couldnt help but look at the man in front of her a few more times.

He had dark circles under his eyes and a gaunt face.

He looked a little tired, as if he hadnt rested for days.

This was different from Mu Feichis men.

No matter how much Mu Feichis soldiers continued to fight, they appeared to be in good spirits because they were honed through long-term training.

Seeming to think of something, Yun Xi slightly tightened her hand in her pocket, and she chuckled faintly.

“The Young Marshal asked you to come”

“Yes! He said that when you come back, I should send bring you to the villa complex immediately.”

“Okay then, lets go! If you werent here, I would never have been able to find my way!”

The man smirked, then turned around and led her to the right.

Yun Xi glanced at the long driveway on the right and curled her lips playfully.

She could already guess the identity of this person.

“Have you been here before Why are you so familiar with this place!”

“I just asked the security guard at the door when I first came here.”

“Really What is your name What should I call you”

“My surname is Yu, so you can call me Xiao Yu!”

Yun Xi squinted her eyes and paused.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at the man.

She was keenly aware that something was wrong, and she had to keep reminding herself to calm down.

She suppressed the panic in her heart.

She took a deep breath, curled her lips, and chuckled, then said casually, “Or, should I call you Crocodile Isnt that more appropriate”

“…” The man in front of her suddenly stopped.

He abruptly turned around and looked directly at her.

A sharp murderous expression flashed across his face.

“I dont understand what youre trying to say…”

“You dont have to pretend.

I know you understand.

I never expected Crocodile to be so young though… And you already have such a high body count at such a young age.

How shocking!”

When the man saw that his identity was exposed, his face was instantly filled with murderous intent.

“You havent seen me before, so why are you so sure that Im Crocodile!”

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