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Chapter 766: She Wasnt Going to Ruin His Plan

“My people were just bait to lure him away.

Do you really think I would be so stupid to sacrifice everyone for this transaction My target was you.

If I have you, I have Mu Feichis weakness.

With you in my hands, I can make whatever demands I want with Mu Feichi.

What you should be thinking about now is to what extent Mu Feichi will compromise with me for you.”

He had suffered a lot at Mu Feichis hands.

This time, with Mu Feichis Achilles heel in his hands, he didnt believe that Mu Feichi wouldnt obediently give in.

When Yun Xi saw the crazy look in Crocodiles eyes, she decided she didnt want to rain on his parade.

Since Mu Feichi had been able to plan his escape route, obviously his goal had been to catch him.

Crocodile could use the deal at the harbor to lure Mu Feichi out, but couldnt Mu Feichi use her as bait to lure Crocodile out

Even though Mu Feichi wasnt willing to put her in a dangerous situation, it was her own choice in the end.

This was the choice shed made, and, even until now, Mu Feichis people who were lying in ambush around the villa still hadnt done anything.

This could only mean one thing.

In the end, hed chosen to respect her choice and decision.

So she certainly wasnt going to ruin his plan.

Crocodile waved his hand and ordered his men in a cold voice, “Take her on board! The transaction at the port has already started.

Seize the opportunity to leave now.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jiang Qilin had come over to the villa yesterday.

After having breakfast and realizing that it was the agreed-upon time but Yun Xi still hadnt shown up, he asked Jing Yi to call and find out where she was.

Her driver replied that she had already entered the gates of the villa.

However, she still hadnt arrived at Jiang Qilins villa.

Jing Yi called the security room at the entrance of the villa, only to find that the call wouldnt go through at all.

He used his own phone and got the same answer that the driver had given them.

He couldnt help but look at Jiang Qilin and say, “Young Master, the driver and the security people all say that Miss Yun entered the gates half an hour ago, but she hasnt arrived yet.

Could it be that she went the wrong way”

“Call her to see.”

Jing Yi tried calling her, but the call wouldnt go through.

“The phone call isnt going through.

Could something have happened”

Jiang Qilin was silent for a moment, then he raised his head and said in a deep voice, “Pull up the surveillance footage immediately!”

“Yes, sir!” Jing Yi didnt dare delay.

He hurriedly took out his laptop and quickly hacked into the area monitoring system of the villa and called up the surveillance videos from various places.

A scene of Yun Xi being confronted by a group of mercenaries dressed in camouflage uniforms was found on one of the surveillance cameras within a very short time.

“Young Master, something really has happened.”

Jing Yi brought his laptop over to Jiang Qilin and said, “These people dont look like ordinary people.

They all have guns, like…mercenaries!!!”

“How could this girl have offended mercenaries Its impossible!” Jiang Qilins gaze fell on a man in a trench coat, and he asked, “Who is this man”

“I dont know…he looks very unfamiliar.

However, since he has hired mercenaries, hes definitely not an ordinary person.

I heard that the international drug lord Crocodile had brought mercenaries into Jingdu.

Could it be him”

Jiang Qilin frowned and considered the situation carefully.

“Contact the Young Marshal, send him the video, and ask him what is going on.”

He cant help in rescuing her, but he cant let this girl fall prey to evil criminals.

After all, she was his only hope for standing up again.

“Yes, sir.”

Jing Yi quickly hacked into Grey Wolfs computer and posted the video.

Grey Wolfs sullen, handsome face soon appeared on the screen.

When Grey Wolf saw Jing Yi, he said coolly, “Spill the beans!”

“Miss Yun has been kidnapped.

I sent the video to you.

Where is the Young Marshal Is he there”

“Dont worry about it.

This is all in the Young Marshals plans.

You guys stay in the villa.

Dont dig your own graves by going outside.”

“…” Jing Yi looked at Jiang Qilin in a daze.

Before he could even reply, Grey Wolf had disappeared from the screen.

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