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Chapter 768: I Will Send Everyone on Your Boat to Hell

After quickly taking out the captain who was steering the course of the journey, Yun Xi looked down at the red, green, and blue instrument panel that showed the map of where the course was headed.

According to the latitude and longitude that was shown, the boat seemed to be heading out to the high seas.

Once Crocodile escaped onto the high seas, even if Mu Feichi found him, he would have no right to arrest him.

It seemed that this had been Crocodiles plan all along.

According to the data that she had memorized, she changed the directions so that the boat would soon be headed back to the port on the right-hand side.

This way, even if there was a conflict, in the territorial waters of the military state, Mu Feichi, as the militarys Young Marshal, had the power to arrest and kill Crocodile.

After adjusting the course, she climbed back to the cabin the way she had left it.

There were too many people on board.

No matter how capable she was, she couldnt singlehandedly take out so many well-trained mercenaries.

Moreover, once Crocodile became alarmed, it is very likely that she would be killed.

Before Mu Feichis people arrived, she had to find a way to stall the criminals.

At a certain latitude and longitude in the territorial waters, Mu Feichi was standing on the deck of a boat.

The icy sea breeze noisily blew at his tight camouflage uniform.

His sturdy body stood at the bow of the boat as upright as a pole.

He looked lofty and solemn.

He was anxious and worried, but, in the end, he had chosen to respect her choice.

It was just that he couldnt stay calm and composed while letting her face a big drug lord who killed people without even batting an eye.

“Young Marshal, the boat has started to go back.

It seems that the girl has succeeded!”

Grey Wolf had walked up to the deck with his laptop in his hand.

From the radar being scanned on the laptop, it could be clearly seen that the green dot that had been moving out to sea had begun to move back toward shore.

The boat was also approaching them.

The distance between the two points that were the boats was slowly shortening.

“According to the speed of the boat, if it hadnt strayed from its course, it would soon have reached the high seas.

Crocodile will definitely contact us then, Young Marshal…”

Mu Feichi knew what he was worried about and raised his hand to stop him from continuing.

“Go on and let everyone get prepared!”

“Yes, sir!”

As expected, in a short while, Mu Feichi received an anonymous call.

He glanced at the hacked military channel and connected to the phone.

“Young Marshal Mu, I think you must be dying to hear news of a certain someone.

Let me tell you, your woman is now in my hands.”

“Really I dont believe it.

Let her talk to me.”

Mu Feichi raised his hand and looked at the time, then looked at the sea where the boat was gradually appearing.

From such a distance, he couldnt see what was happening on the boat, and, at this moment, he had to force himself to calm down.

“Someone go, bring her up to me.”

Yun Xi was escorted onto the deck by two mercenaries.

Crocodile pressed the phone in his hand to her ear and coldly ordered her, “Speak!”

“What are you talking about” Yun Xi raised her head and gave him a puzzled look.

She knew that the person on the other end of the phone was Mu Feichi, but she wasnt in a hurry at all.

“Young Marshal Mu wants to hear your voice.

Without you, how can I lure him to come over”

“Didnt you say that your people had lured him to the port Now you want him to come over here Who do you think you are, and who do you think I am”

“I want to see if I can lure him over here with you as bait.” Crocodile snorted coldly, took the phone, and said to Mu Feichi, “You can hear her.

Young Marshal Mu, you know very clearly what I want.

Send me the stuff, and perhaps I will leave this girl intact.”

“I have the stuff.

If anything happens to her, I will send everyone on your boat to hell!”

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