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Chapter 769: You Won This Round

Thinking that he was now on the high seas, Crocodile became more and more confident.

“Young Marshal Mu, you dont have to threaten me.

Youre so concerned about this girl that youre even willing to give me the stuff I want back in exchange for her.

Obviously, she is more important than this stuff.

I can abandon the stuff, but you cant abandon her.

I have the upper hand in this round.”

“Oh, really” Mu Feichi snorted, and his black eyes darkened as they stared at the boat that was getting closer and closer to him.

This response tacitly acquiesced to Crocodiles provocation, and it successfully made him relax his vigilance.

“Why not There have been femmes fatales since ancient times, and only men capable of achieving great things refuse to hold back because of a woman.

The militarys dignified Young Marshal is hampered by his love for this woman.”

Mu Feichi hung up the phone.

He didnt want to speak to him again.

Talking about this topic with such an outlaw wasnt worthy of someone with his identity.

He had been on the battlefield since he was a child.

He had survived rains of bullets and he didnt fear death, but he couldnt not care about her safety.

Fortunately, this girl didnt disappoint him.

His family, country, and woman were of equal weight in his heart.

It didnt take long for the mercenaries on Crocodiles boat to discover that the boat with Mu Feichis men was approaching them, and they hurried to report to the boss.

“He came on pretty fast.” Crocodile glanced at the sea and then turned to look at Yun Xi, who still had her hands tied.

He laughed brazenly and arrogantly.

“It seems as if you are still useful.

Young Marshal Mu is rushing over here in a hurry to rescue you.”

Yun Xi glanced at the fast-moving boat.

She knew exactly what he was going to do next, but she stood there firmly and obediently resting on the railing of the deck.

“I guess that means that you used me as bait, and youve won this round.”

Winning this round doesnt mean that he gets to have the last laugh though.

She knew exactly what Mu Feichi was willing to do for her, and she doesnt need Crocodile to prove it in this way.

“Of course.” Crocodile looked at the boat approaching on the sea triumphantly.

After luring Mu Feichi over, he wanted to make sure that none of them ever returned.

The two boats gradually approached each other.

Crocodile was so excited.

He couldnt wait, thinking that victory was within his grasp, and he sped over the entire way.

However, unexpectedly, just when he thought that Mu Feichis boat would stop, his white boat swiftly rammed into the middle of their hull.

On the white boat, Mu Feichi propped his hands on the railing and looked at the colliding boats with an arrogance and a cold expression in his eyes, like a king.

With a loud bang, the white boat slammed into the boat carrying Crocodile, and its sharp bow plunged right through the boat.

The boat shook abruptly, and the impact threw Yun Xi to the ground.

Crocodile was also shocked by the impact and backed up a few steps before finally grabbing the railing and stopping himself from falling.

The white boat got stuck in the other boat and stopped.

Mu Feichi took advantage of the situation to quickly jump onto Crocodiles boat.

The mercenaries abruptly reacted.

A dozen or so guns were aimed at Mu Feichi, whod jumped onto the ship.

No one had noticed that in the sea around the boat, a few dark figures had quickly swum to the other side of the boat.

“Mu Feichi, youre crazy!” Crocodile drew out his gun from his waist, and while calling people to check the damage to the hull, he pointed the gun at Mu Feichi angrily.

Yun Xi, who had been thrown to the ground, took advantage of sitting on the ground to quickly pull out her scalpel from her sleeve and cut the rope around her hands.

She cant lose her rationality at this time, and she cant give Mu Feichi any trouble.

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