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Chapter 771: An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth

As soon as his voice rang out, the mercenaries on the first deck fell dead, and the sound of the gunshots was drowned out by the sound of the roaring ocean waves.

By the time Crocodile had come to his senses, the mercenaries on the second deck had also fallen, some of them directly into the sea.

Several special forces members wearing black diving suits and holding guns with silencers quickly emerged from the cabin.

All five of their guns were aimed at Crocodiles head.

“You…Mu Feichi, we are on the high seas.

Youve actually attacked and killed people on the high seas.”

“Turn your head and look around and see for yourself if this is the high seas.”

Crocodile was taken aback.

He suddenly turned his head and looked to the right.

The enormous container harbor looked very close.

D*mn it! He had fallen into a trap.

They werent on the high seas at all.

They were still in the waters of the military state.

“Whats going on What happened Why are we here…” Crocodile held on to Yun Xi tightly.

She was the only thing left that could serve as a lifesaver for him.

With her back pressed against the railing, Yun Xi secretly tightened her hand, grabbed the scalpel in her pocket, and slashed Crocodiles hand that was pressed against her neck.

Suddenly, Crocodile felt a painful sensation in his hand.

By the time hed reacted, Yun Xi had already rolled over and kicked him to a safe distance.

She then seized the opportunity to swiftly take out the gun that shed taken out of the captains pocket and pressed it against Crocodiles forehead…

“Let me tell you whats going on.”

Crocodile was clutching the back of his bloody hand.

The sharp scalpel had been soaked with anesthetic before it cut the blood vessels on the back of his hand.

Crocodile felt his entire hand go numb.

Never in his life had Crocodile ever had a gun pressed against his head.

When he saw Yun Xi successfully break free and even slash him, his expression became panicked and shocked.

“You, you…how could this be possible”

He turned his head and looked at the place where Yun Xi had been standing.

The ground was scattered with cut pieces of rope.

Although hed known that this girl wasnt easy to deal with, hed never thought that she was this capable.

Even if shed repeatedly broken free from his own hands, hed considered it dumb luck.

He hadnt expected that he would eventually lose to his own underestimation and carelessness.

“Nothing is impossible.

You are too careless and conceited.”

Crocodile looked around at the group of people surrounding him.

He heard the sound of a helicopter gradually arriving above his head.

They were still some distance from the coast.

If he didnt escape, he would be dead meat!

Yun Xi saw at a glance that he wanted to jump into the sea and escape.

Her eyes flashed with determination.

Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger and shot him directly in the thigh.

It wasnt a fatal injury, but it forced him to kneel on the deck on one knee.

At the sound of Yun Xis gunshot, Mu Feichis special forces rushed up to subdue Crocodile.

Everything happened so fast that before Crocodile even realized that Yun Xi would actually make a move, shed already shot him.


Yun Xi looked at Crocodile innocently and shrugged as she said, “Oh, sorry, the gun just went off.

Fortunately, it didnt hit your head.

Otherwise, you would have been dead.”

“You…little girl, I underestimated you!”

With a vicious expression on his face, Crocodile sucked up the pain.

His sinister eyes fell on Yun Xi.

Even though Yun Xi had been a little apprehensive about dealing with such an outlaw, theyd still won in the end.

“It doesnt matter if you look down on me, but I will remind your old friend to beware of what happened to you.”

“Who are you talking about”

“Han Wanling!” A fierce expression flashed across Yun Xis delicate face.

“Dont worry, if you go to jail, I will let her accompany you.

If you die, I will remember to drag her down with you.

Yes, after all, if it hadnt been for her, you wouldnt have provoked me.

Im a person who abides by the principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

After she had said that, she gave her gun to Mu Feichi and went forward to search Crocodiles body.

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