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Chapter 775: Why Do You Have to Take Off His Pants?

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Hearing what he said, Yun Xi glared at Mu Feichi.

Why doesnt he speak properly

People like him enjoyed adding insult to injury and rubbing salt on peoples wounds.

Jiang Qilin didnt care.

The militarys Young Marshal who is usually so high and mighty is throwing shade at him so childishly.

With his tsundere mannerisms, no matter how one looked at it, he didnt seem like the legendary marshal who was known for being ruthless and resolute.

Mu Feichi snorted, turned around, and sat down on the sofa with his long legs crossed.

He had an arrogant expression on his face.

“Youd better keep this matter of Yun Xi treating you secret, lest you implicate her in something dangerous.

She is treating you, but I dont want her taking any risks.”

Hed agreed to let Yun Xi treat Jiang Qilin, but that didnt mean that he could implicate her in his personal battles.

Jiang Qilin nodded.

“I understand this.

I wont let her suffer any harm.”

He had been hiding word of his treatment from the outside world.

Even though the chance of his walking again wasnt high, there were always people who wanted to crush him by any means possible.

Just in case, precautions were always necessary.

However, since Young Master Mu was now involved, he believed that with his protection, he definitely wouldnt abandon her if something happened.

Yun Xi looked at them blankly.

It took her a while to realize what they were talking about.

It was a matter of her safety, but since they would both take care of her, she didnt have to worry about that at all.

She can just treat him with peace of mind.

“Jing Yi, please help Young Master Jiang onto the bed and take off his pants.”

“…” Jing Yi and Mu Feichi glanced at each other.

Both of them looked dumbfounded.

The person who should have been the most embarrassed was Yun Xi.

She smiled.

From her gentle and indifferent appearance, that didnt seem to have bothered her.

When the man who had already been jealous of her for such a long time heard the words “take off his pants,” how could he sit still He immediately stood up.

He glared at the innocent-looking Yun Xi with a sullen expression and then asked in a deep voice, “Arent you just treating his legs Why do you have to take off his pants”

“How can I give him acupuncture without taking off his pants” Yun Xi raised her head and rolled her eyes at him speechlessly.

She emphasized to him in a serious manner, “I am a doctor.

The patients gender doesnt matter in the eyes of a doctor.”

She had agreed to treat Jiang Qilin, and she didnt care that he was a man.

She was just going to treat him as a patient who was desperate to stand up.

“I dont care! Why does he have to take off his pants to be cured Dont forget you are a girl.”

He cant accept men lying in front of her in shorts, not to mention naked men.

“Shut up!” Yun Xi raised her head and yelled at him in exasperation.

Mu Feichi was so overbearing and unreasonable.

He was simply making trouble now.

Mu Feichi glanced at her coldly and said, “Its useless for you to tell me to shut up.

I wont agree to this kind of thing.”

“As if I need you to agree!” Yun Xi turned around and began to organize the various utensils and acupuncture kits on the seat and then said without changing her facial expression, “Jing Yi, please ask your Young Master to change his clothes right now.”

Jing Yi glanced at Mu Feichi nervously and finally pushed Jiang Qilin into his bedroom to change his clothes.

As soon as the two of them had left, Yun Xi raised her head.

The furious Young Marshal Mu seemed like gunpowder that had just been lit.

He looked terrifying to others, but she wasnt worried at all when going against him right now.

Mu Feichi knew very well that this girl has always been soft-hearted, but she wasnt a pushover.

Now that she was dead set on going against him, she definitely wouldnt compromise easily.

If she wont compromise, he knew he had to compromise first.

“Babe, Im not going to stop you if you want to cure someone, but…”

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