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Chapter 777: Do I Look That Unreliable?

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On the way back, Yun Xi sat in the passenger seat.

She glanced at the man in the drivers seat, checked the time on the dashboard, and coughed slightly.

“Where are we going now Im hungry, so lets go eat.”

“Okay,” Mu Feichi responded as he turned the steering wheel and drove the car away from the direction of his home.

The atmosphere was awkward for a while.

Mu Feichi was brooding and didnt speak, and Yun Xi didnt know what to say.

Although she wouldnt compromise on treating Jiang Qilin, in the end, both she and Mu Feichi had made compromises, which always produced the best results in couples.

Yun Xi wrung her hands.

It was a while before she was able to come up with a topic.

“I am going to Germany to receive an award on January 10.

Young Master Jiangs course of treatment lasts about 20 days, so he will have to go with me.

Will you be in the country at that time”

“Why, do you want me to go with you Is this an invitation”

“…” In one second, he had managed to make the conversation awkward.

Yun Xi was really impressed with his abilities.

“If nothing important comes up, I will be in the country, and I can go with you at that time.”

“Oh…” She hadnt actually meant to ask him to go with her, but seeing his childish behavior today, she had felt that it was necessary to tell him.

“Ill have someone book the flight for you, so you just need to prepare your luggage.”


“Although Jiang Qilin is the Young Master of the Jiang family, whether before or after his legs were disabled, there were many people who wanted him dead.

You shouldnt get involved in his affairs.”

“Isnt he just a businessman How did he provoke so many people”

“Some things arent as simple as you think.

What you saw back there was only on the surface level.

The real inside story involves many high-ranking people, and it also involves the domestic and foreign underground world.

Do you really think if he had just been a businessman, they would have tried to use all those underhanded means to kill him”

Yun Xi realized that the documents hed shown her had been just a factual summary.

The real inside story probably involved shady secrets.

There are very few high-ranking people without blood on their hands, and no businessmen that have never done anything illegal.

Many things seem placid on the surface, but all kinds of shady dealings are boiling down beneath the surface.

Even in her previous life, there had been nothing that shed encountered as memorable or as cruel as all the things that shed learned from Mu Feichi in this life.

“Where there are people, there is war, and where there are wars, there is death.

Thats why I dont want you to go onto the battlefield with me.”

“So Jiang Qilins identity isnt that simple Actually, Im quite interested in these inside stories.

Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle.

If I encounter such a rival in the future, maybe I can still compete with him.”

In the future, if she wants the Yun family to be among the upper class in Jingdu, she would have to learn many methods and tactics.

Now she isnt strong enough, so she must grow up in the shortest amount of time possible.

“I can tell you what you want to know, what you need to learn, the tactics of the business world, and the ruthlessness of the battlefield.

Just ask me questions directly.

Why bother asking Jiang Qilin to teach you Do I look that unreliable”

“As the saying goes, specialists are masters of their fields.

Young Marshal, you are a soldier, so you can only teach me the ability to save my life on the battlefield.

The things in the business world…”

“Do you seriously think I dont understand the ways of the business world If I didnt understand that, do you think I would have been put in charge of the Mu family”

“Young Marshal, I am wrong…” How could she have forgotten his identity as the Patriarch of the Mu Clan

How could the person in charge of the Mu family be an idiot

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