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Chapter 78: Young Marshal Mu Climbs Through the Window

“Why are you yelling at your daughter The vase was broken by Yun Xi, that wretched girl, and it has nothing to do with Ziling! She has always been so reliable.

How could she not understand basic manners If Ziling had broken it, the Chen family would have been at our door by now.

It must have been Yun Xis fault, that wretched girl, otherwise why would Mrs.

Chen have given her options to choose from”

Yun Yuanfeng didnt believe her lame excuse for even a second.

He had two daughters, one who cared about his future and another who only caused trouble for him.

Yun Xi stared at Yun Yuanfeng innocently.

“Dad, Mom told my sister that I was awful because I watched Yun Ziling get kicked out of the Chen family house without helping her.

However, she broke Mrs.

Chens beloved vase, so of course Mrs.

Chen wouldnt let her stay.

Of course, if I had broken it, Mrs.

Chen would have had no need to let me choose an option.

You all can say that I am mean, but I chose to help my dad.


Chen asked me to choose one option, so I had no choice.

Now is the most critical time for Dad, and Dads future is the most important thing.”

Who didnt know how to play Goody Two-shoes She wasnt so easy to bully either!

If Yun Ziling hadnt said anything, this matter could have been forgotten, since Mrs.

Chen didnt really want to seek compensation for the vase anyway.

But if they were going to try and pin the blame on her, they would have to pay a price.

Yun Xis words made Yun Yuanfeng feel relieved.

He managed to quell his anger somewhat.

Money wasnt the way to deal with Mr.


But as for that antique vase worth millions, although the Yun family could afford it, they would bear the financial burden for several years.

Although his position as vice president didnt make him much money, the money he received through private connections was quite substantial, so he had to acquiesce for the sake of the election.

He was going to lose all the millions worth of dirty money hed received over the years all at once.

Thinking of this, his anger toward Yun Ziling further intensified.

“Dad, if you think I broke the vase, you can call the Chen family to verify it.The Chen family has paid off the favor their eldest son owes me.

You have to deal with the vase.

Im headed upstairs.

Im going to Jiangnan tomorrow to buy medicine for the eldest son and will probably be gone for the whole day.”

“Okay, go.

Stay safe!”

Shed received a favor for saving the boys life and had managed to establish connections with the Chen family, so they had a way out.

This all made Yun Yuanfeng feel a little more relieved.

After shed gone upstairs, Yun Xi stood at the top landing for a while, listening to the sounds of cups smashing and Yun Yuanfeng shouting coming from downstairs.

Yun Xi smirked, turned, and walked back to her room briskly.

As soon as she opened her door, she saw the figure sitting on the single sofa by the window.

Her eyes got wide and she gasped!

She quickly entered the room, closed the door, and locked it.

Upon hearing her enter, Mu Feichi raised his head from reading her medical notes and nonchalantly stared at her rushing toward him.

He had overheard all the exciting scenes going on below through the window.

This little rascal really did have the most ingenious schemes when conniving against her sisters and her unscrupulous mother.

Shed used a vase that Mrs.

Chen couldnt care less about to settle things with her sister.

At the same time, shed not only pleased her dad, but also killed the idea of using her to try to get favors from the Chen family.

This way shed also avoided being further manipulated by the Yun family.

Even though it had been a favor, she chose to use it in a way that had the most advantage to herself, instead of waiting for them to use her, because then she would have been in a passive position.

Shed killed two birds with one stone.

She was indeed the prey that he, Mu Feichi, had set his sights on.

Her courage and intelligence made her worthy to stand side by side with him.

“Young Marshal Mu, why are you…”

Yun Xi glanced at the open window and quickly closed it.

“This is the third floor.

You must be crazy!”

“I can climb up to the third floor in five seconds!” Mu Feichi stood up, took out a steel ball tea cup from his pocket, and hit the small steel ball until it rolled into the corner near the door.

“Whats that” Yun Xi glanced at the steel ball that still seemed to be shining in the corner.

“Infrared-shielding sound waves, which was just developed by my technical department.

In short, it is a sound insulation device.

When we speak inside, people outside cant hear us.”

Yun Xi was a little curious, but when she thought of him coming in through the window, she suppressed her curiosity.

She snorted and sat down.

“I have nothing to do with you, so dont make it seem like were having a secret love affair!”

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