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Chapter 780: Punishment Is Still Needed

“Wait! I want to arrange my squadron in another way.”

As expected of a Young Marshal of the military, hed trapped her as soon as hed made a move.

One of his first actions had directly exposed the biggest flaw in her deployment.

Shed originally thought that she had the perfect defense ruse, but she hadnt expected that one of his tanks could kill her squadron or even one of her entire regiments.

The terrain of this place was flat.

Shed originally wanted to use the squadron as bait, but she hadnt expected that she would overlook one of the loopholes of the terrain.

He was more ruthless than she was, and he had decided to use a tank to take out her regiment in one fell swoop.

“Baby, you cant go back on your moves or the layout.

You cant wait until the enemys missiles hit your territory to come up with a new strategy.

Do you think the enemy will give you a chance to deal with your mistakes On the battlefield, its a life-or-death struggle, and, at that time, no one will give you a chance to repent, and you will have no retreat.

You either die or fight to kill the other party.”

Yun Xi straightened up, feeling dazed.

Looking at her infantry that had just been killed on the sand table, she felt both anguished and anxious.

Mu Feichi seemed to sense her anxiousness and anxiety.

He walked over, reached out, and rubbed her head to console her.

“Dont worry, my army is still there.

You have time to think about how to deal with it, and how to make up for what just happened.”

Yun Xi no longer dared to underestimate the enemy.

Military deployment wasnt her strong point.

The only thing she knew about it was from watching some deployment competitions on TV.

However, these were all just a piece of cake for Mu Feichi.

Standing next to her, Mu Feichi silently watched her gradually calm down, correct several loopholes that hed seen one by one, and expose his camouflage deployment along the way.

After half an hour, the deployment of the red and blue forces on the sand table was over, and Yun Xi raised her head and looked at the man across from her.

“With such a deployment, how much of a chance of winning did I have”

“70 percent.” Mu Feichi glanced at the sand table, gave her a fair answer, and added aloofly, “The premise is that your opponent is stupider than me.”

“My opponents wont necessarily be smarter than you.

So, I still have a great chance of winning.”

“Babe, when you get to a battlefield, dont even think of relying on luck.

It is better to overestimate your opponent than underestimate your opponent.

Crocodile is the best example of that.”

“I know.”

“Thats good.” He raised his hand and squeezed her pink cheek.

“With a military deployment with a 70 percent possibility of winning, you barely passed the test.

So…punishment is still needed.”

“…” Yun Xi blinked, spread out her palms, lowered her head, and closed her eyes.

Shed originally thought that the punishment would be getting her palms smacked, but the man in front of her wasnt going to let her off so easily.

Before she had even realized what was happening, the man had already clasped her chin and raised her head, and what followed was a passionate and domineering kiss from him.

“Hmm…” What a jerk.

It was too late for her to struggle.

Mu Feichi quickly clasped her waist and squeezed her into his arms, and deepened his bold and domineering kiss.

Yun Xis hands were on his chest, and she couldnt break free.

Her palms were pressed against the mans sturdy, powerful chest.

She could clearly feel his steady heartbeat and his bodily warmth through her soft sweater.

Her face was getting hotter and hotter.

She felt as if she was burning up.

The mans gentle kiss gave her a feeling like she had never felt before and made her heart beat so fast that it felt as if it could jump out of her chest.

After kissing for a long time, she gradually felt her legs go slack, and her breathing increase.

She felt as if she was unable to resist him.

Mu Feichi let go of her with a half-hearted smile.

His slender arms embraced the little girl who was about to collapse on the ground, and he forcefully clasped her around the waist, as if he wanted to pull her into his body.

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