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Chapter 781: It Can Be Terrifying When a Soft-Hearted Tyrant Becomes a Violent Tyrant

For some people, even punishment can be bittersweet torture.

After the bittersweet punishment, during the afternoons actual combat training, Yun Xi didnt dare to relax her vigilance.

As they were riding in the car headed to training, Yun Xi had looked around at the surrounding mountains.

She saw many sentry posts hidden in the mountains that they passed along the way.

“This doesnt seem to be the way to the training ground, am I right” Yun Xi didnt recognize the surrounding vegetation, and she turned to look at the man in the drivers seat.

Hed said that he would take her to the training ground, but this wasnt the way to the training ground where shed been before on Tianyu Mountain.

“Were going to my training camp.”

“What Yours Young Marshal, you have a separate training camp for yourself How come I never knew about that”

“I havent used it for several years.

Its my secret base.

All the equipment and furnishings in it are my private possessions.

No one usually gets in.”

He had been traveling around the country, abroad, and down by the border for the past few years.

The training camp had been vacant since Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, and Li Zilan had finished their training.

He hadnt expected that one day, his future wife would have to train there.

“The Young Marshals little treasure”

“No, in Li Zilans words, its h*ll.”

“Has Instructor Zilan also gone there”

“Back in the day, Li Zilan, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui all started out as rookies like you.”

Yun Xi gasped.

Now she understood everything.

She couldnt help but ask, “How long will it take”

“It depends on personal talent and learning ability.

In the eyes of some people, training camp might be h*ll or it might be no different from the training grounds outside.

Everything depends on how much you learn from me.”

“As long as you dont go easy on me and arent too protective, I will definitely learn a lot.”

“Once we start, I am the instructor, and you are a rookie.

I wont be merciful to you.

It will be no different from having Li Zilan teach you.”

“Really” She was skeptical of what he was saying.

Every time they had tried to do any training, he had always made a big deal out of everything but had never dared to lay a hand on her.

Would he be able to do it now

“Just dont cry and complain afterward.”


The training camp was a very large area that went way beyond the scope of the training camp on Tianyu Mountain.

The car had driven over several mountains and stopped halfway up a slope.

Yun Xi pushed open the car door and got out.

She looked around at the abandoned buildings on a flat ground at a turn of the mountain, grass tents, piles of oil drums, circular steep sloping paths, and so on.

There were many other things hidden in the lush forest.

From what she could see, things here didnt seem that different from the training ground on Tianyu Mountain.

But she knew that Mu Feichis secret base had to be more complex than that.

As the car stopped at a gate, Li Zilan and Feng Rui approached when they heard the sound of the car.

Seeing them, Yun Xi said, “Instructor Zilan, you are here too.”

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows, glanced at her coat and snow boots, and then looked at the man who was getting out of the drivers seat and joked, “Young Marshal really isnt going to be soft-hearted anymore now”

Mu Feichi ignored her and pulled Yun Xi close to him.

“Little Yun Xi, youd better prepare yourself mentally.

Sometimes, it can be terrifying when a soft-hearted tyrant becomes a violent tyrant.”

As Feng Rui came up, he waved and said, “Little girl, I hope you have a good journey.”

Their sarcastic words made Yun Xis heart tense up.

They were serious when they should be serious and at those times treated her very seriously.

Since they were being so flippant now, didnt it mean that h*llish training awaited her in these mountains

She had no idea why, but she inexplicably looked forward to it.

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