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Chapter 782: I Dont Want the Bloodline of the Mu Family to End with You

They entered the mountain area by walking under a camouflage tent that had been set up at the gates leading to the mountain retreat.

They entered a hollowed-out area of the mountain, which had been fashioned into a storage room that seemed more spacious and magnificent than his entire intelligence department.

Yun Xi, walking very carefully, followed behind Mu Feichi.

Inside the mountain, it was humid and cold, and she couldnt help but shiver.

Although there was a bright yellow light, it couldnt block out the cold of the mountains.

When Mu Feichi heard her slowing down and shivering behind him, he pulled off his green army cloak and put it over Yun Xis shoulders.

“The mountains are cold, and youre not in the right shape to withstand this weather.

You are a medical student, so you should know how to take care of your body.

I dont want the bloodline of the Mu family to end with you in the future.”

“…” This topic was a bit too romantically ambiguous, so Yun Xi adjusted the coat around her and kept her mouth shut.

At the end of the entryway, Mu Feichi opened a door and walked in with Yun Xi.

Heat rushed toward her now and quickly warmed her up.

She looked around at a bright room that was larger than her classroom.

The place where they stood was raised and the rest of the area seemed to be recessed below.

There were rows and rows of bookshelves embedded in the walls all around, full of millions of books.

There were also rows of shelves in the middle, and it looked like a maze from above.

Mu Feichi walked down into the recessed area where there was a table larger than a ping-pong table.

On the table, there was a dismantled gun.

Various models of pistols, sniper rifles, and bullets were lying on nearby shelves..

Yun Xi forgot all about the cold.

She flung off the coat and hung it on a railing, then walked over quickly.

“Li Zilan has already taught you how to disassemble and reassemble a gun as quickly as possible.

Every gun on this table has records of your training from back then.

Only if you break these records can you pass this level.”

Yun Xi looked down at the labels attached to each dismantled gun.

The labels had the records of Mu Feichi, Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, Li Zilan, and others.

Li Zilan was considered the best among the three disciples of Mu Feichi and her records didnt even pale in comparison with those of Mu Feichi.

“Ill give you one day, and if you cant break the records, babe, youll just have to wait to get punished.”

“Got it!”

Mu Feichi nodded slightly and pulled her over to the rows of shelves.

“This row is full of various types of parachute knives and weapons for close combat.”

Mu Feichi pressed a button next to a shelf, and the shelf was slowly pushed out and replaced with a new shelf covered with various types of weapons and equipment.

“This row has common sniper rifles that have been used in various countries in recent years.” Mu Feichi pressed the next shelf.

Soon, it was replaced with a shelf containing a number of intimidating sniper rifles.

Yun Xi stared in wonder at the various models of guns.

She was almost completely overwhelmed by excitement.

This was the first time that she had ever seen so many things that shed never seen before.

It was incredible!

“After finding out which one is the most handy for you, I will ask someone to build a new one for you to train with, and it will be equipped for you to use in the future.”

Yun Xi nodded, and she raised her hand to touch the cold weapons, saying, “I remember Instructor Zilan had a brownish-green sniper rifle.

Is that her gun”


Hers is the AI L115A3 7.62mm sniper rifle, the bolt type.

Hers is relatively lightweight, so its suitable for jungle and field operations.

She is the best sniper I have trained.

She has been on the battlefield with me since she was your age.”

Only then did Yun Xi think about how Li Zilan and Mu Feichi seemed to be similar in age.

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