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Chapter 784: The Plan You Have Been Setting Up for So Long

Yun Xi was troubled by the arrest of Crocodile.

Because she had come into contact with him before, this time the arrest had seemed to be too easy.

Crocodile was an international drug lord.

In the past, every time there had been news that Crocodile had been arrested or killed, it always turned out to have been some stand-in for him who had been arrested or died.

During the incident that had just taken place at sea, she had kept feeling that the process was going too smoothly.

Although Mu Feichi had planned everything, the scene of the final battle still seemed to her to have gone way too easily.

Even though shed put up a fierce struggle, Crocodile didnt seem to be like what she had expected of a big drug lord.

He did have a hostile and murderous aura, but he didnt seem as evil as she had expected of someone who deserved to burn in hell.

Now that she was thinking about these suspicions, she raised her head and spoke to Mu Feichi seriously, “Im not denying your abilities, but I just have a terrible feeling that the Crocodile who we caught wasnt really the legendarily murderous drug lord with so much blood on his hands.”

Listening to what she had just said, Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and the expression on his face became a little sullen.

His handsome face was still calm and composed, but he turned his head away from Yun Xi.

“Why wouldnt it have been him Crocodile isnt omnipotent.

He had no choice but to use you as a shield in that situation.”

Turning his head toward her again, Mu Feichi chuckled and rubbed her head.

His deep eyes were filled with a gentle and affectionate mirth as he said, “With you in his hands, even if I had wanted to shoot him, I had to consider your safety first.

Therefore, there couldnt be any mistakes in my plans or arrangements.”

When Yun Xi heard this, she felt that it was a plausible explanation.

She truly believed that a strong person like him would be more cautious and wouldnt allow any loopholes when the fate of the woman who he loved was at stake.

Mu Feichi glimpsed her relieved expression and concealed the gloominess in his eyes.

“Fortunately, you made a move at the exact right time, took advantage of the situation, and were merciless when you shot.

Ill give you some credit.”

“Come on! I was trying to save my own life there.

I didnt do that only for you.”

“Okay!” Mu Feichi nodded and raised his arm to check the time.

“I have some official duties I have to do for the next few days.

I cant be here to supervise you 24 hours a day.

You wont be afraid of being here alone, right”

“Only people with guilty consciences are afraid.

What is there for me to be afraid of Go do your work.

I cant concentrate on studying anyway when you are around.”

“Every day, I will take some time to teach you new skills, and how much you learn will depend on your abilities.”

“I see.” Yun Xi nodded and walked toward the weapons on the table.

Mu Feichi brought her over a timer.

“This is an automatic timer.

Check your time as you slowly familiarize yourself with the guns.”

Yun Xi looked at the timer.

After shed learned how to use it, she immediately started to disassemble the first gun.

Mu Feichi briefly gave her a few pointers for dismantling the guns.

Yun Xi quickly understood them, and the rest depended on practice and her adaptability skills.

After he left the mountain, the smile on Mu Feichis face gradually faded.

His dark green camouflage uniform made him appear imposing, authoritative, and mysterious.

Li Zilan and Feng Rui were still waiting outside.

Upon seeing him coming out, they jumped out of the car to go meet him.

Upon seeing his grave expression, Li Zilan narrowed her eyes and asked, “Whats the matter Didnt you decide to become a violent tyrant Youre already distressed before this has even started”

“That girl is way too clever.

She has begun to suspect that we caught a fake Crocodile.”

Mu Feichi raised his head.

His handsome face was sullen, and his cold and piercing eyes revealed his mood at the moment.

“Oh really! Thats quite surprising that she would be so suspicious.

So, do you really intend to exclude her from the plan you have been setting up for so long”

“At this point, I dont want her to be in danger again.

It is my responsibility to take down Crocodile.”

His attitude was obvious, so Li Zilan didnt say anything more.

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